Made by Knock - Aergrind - Hand Grinder
Made by Knock - Aergrind - Hand Grinder Made by Knock - Aergrind - Hand Grinder Made by Knock - Aergrind - Hand Grinder
£125.00 (Includes VAT)

Please note: We are sold out of the Aergrind, and due to COVID19, we will not be receiving any more stock for some time. If you would like a high grade compact grinder, we are receiving stock of the Timemore Nano in April 2020.

You can view the Nano here:

Made By Knock produce very good grinders. They are produced in Portobello, on the east side of Edinburgh, which makes their products extra special to us.

There has been a string of releases from them over the last few years, with the current models being the Feld47 (larger model), and this, the Aergrind which is their mini hand grinder that holds about 25g.

It's compact, high quality, easy to use and fits inside an Aeropress.

What Knock say:

At the heart of the Aergrind is the same black-coated, 38mm steel burr set which has proved itself capable in the Hausgrind & Feldgrind of matching commercial grinders 10 times the price. The Aergrind matches this quality of consistency and flavour grind for grind.

Weight & Size

To achieve Aergrind's sub 360g weight, the burr mount core is machined from aluminium instead of the Hausgrind's marine grade steel. Smaller and lighter gauge tubing was brought in to combine with a design requiring less machining. Slimmer steel was also used for the crank arm.

It's size, compared to the Feldgrind is reduced too 13.6cm H x 4.6cm D. As the name suggests, it fits perfectly inside an Aeropress which makes it a great 'on the move' grinder for camping, travelling etc.


The MBK signature top adjustment dial mechanism follows the same principle as the Hausgrind & Feldgrind but again in a simpler format. The thumbwheel enamel dial provides stepless, infinite adjustment to allow you complete control over your grind, with the setting viewed through the crank arm window. Moving between Turkish, espresso, AeroPress and brew grinds is simple - just turn the dial.


Once again the shaft and handle ride on sealed bearings. The finish chosen for the body is a spiral finished anodised black, providing textured additional grip that is augmented by the two rubber bands provided to retain the crank arm when dis-assembled.


Last but not least, there has been an added feature of a bottle opener, for all those requiring assistance in the beer opening department who have not yet developed their clipper or teeth opening skills.

Knock grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina. *See our terms and conditions for further information

    • Burr Type: Steel conicals.
    • Controls: Grind adjustment dial at top of handle fitting.
    • Grind Container: Approx 26g capacity.
    • Construction: Steel.
    • Finish: Anodised Black
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