About Mahlkönig

Mahlkonig are, by all accounts, the leading innovator in coffee grinding. Based in Germany, they produce a range of grinders across espresso and filter.


Today they boast a catalogue of grinders that excel in each category, including the E65 & E80 s, the E65 & E80 GBW, the EK43 range and the industrial work horse in the VTA-6S.

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Fully Approved Warranties

Receive an official 1 year warranty with branded parts & peace of mind.

UK Wide Technical Support

Regardless of where you are based, you receive pro support via us or our trusted support network.

Our Choice of Grinder

We have used Mahlönig grinders in our cafes for over a decade and continue to do so.

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Manufactured by Hand Since 1924

Manufactured by Hand Since 1924

Mahlkönig is the first choice of baristas from all around the world. Their grinders are regarded as guarantors for the highest quality possible. The results are truly unique tastes experiences being served with every single cup.

Their product management relies on a systematic translation of the market’s requirement in order to realise the customers’ desired taste profiles.

Their achievements in performance and product quality are a direct result of the engagement and experiences of their long-term colleagues working on the engineering, inside the production and at their assembly lines.

This is how Mahlkönig stays on top as the undisputed market leader.

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Machina x Mahlkönig

Machina x Mahlkönig

Machina have been an official Mahlkonig partner for around 10 years now. In this time we have become extremely knowledgable about their products, considering how to advise on suitability and support them.

Not only do we sell their products, but we also use them too in our own coffee bar. This gives us a crucial take on their grinders, seeing them in situ where they are really put ot their test.

We experience very few technical problems with their grinders, but when they do occur, we usually have the internal knowledge and parts available to solve the majority of issues.

Further to this, the UK distributor is highly skilled at supporting their products, providing further back up what is an already premium brand.