Wholesale Training

At Machina, we view training as an essential part of our offering to all our wholesale customers. Our aim is to deliver a tailored and highly supportive service enabling you to ensure all aspects of coffee preparation and delivery come up to the very highest of standards. We also seek to make sure that our training is based around the specific needs of each customer and delivered in a supportive and accessible manner by our team of highly-trained, in-house experts.

An Extensive Programme of Support
In terms of what to expect from our training, we favour a combination of bespoke and off the shelf options. The outline below shows what the average wholesale customer can expect from us.

PART 1: Machina Induction & Skills Assessment

For all new customers, our priority is getting to know you, the teams current skill level and the equipment that the team will be working with. From there we would then deliver a fully tailored induction catering to the needs of your team and business.

Depending on requirement, we are happy to carry out this training either on site or here at our Machina Roastery. However, we do suggest this takes place on the machinery they will ultimately be working on. As part of this process, we would also make sure a full equipment audit and re-calibration takes place to ensure all kit is optimised to deliver our coffee to our exacting quality standards.

This session, would therefore typically include:

  1. Full barista training for all existing staff, dependent on the current skill level. Including - a thorough understanding of each stage of drink preparation, in order that they have the skills and knowledge to deliver fantastic coffee every time
  2. Equipment management, servicing and maintenance
  3. Latest industry trends.
  4. Option for Roastery tour.

PART 2: Keeping in Touch / New Staff Training

Once the initial induction has taken place and a new customer is up and running, it remains vital that a good dialogue still remains between Machina and your team.

We will aim to stay in regular contact with you, offering any training support that may be required based on your needs. Alongside this we will provide training to any new starts as and when required with elements of the phase 1 induction. 

PART 3: Regular Open Training Slots at the Roastery

We also offer regular ongoing open training slots every Friday at our Roastery for up to 6 people in any one session for any of our partner businesses. These sessions are designed to be an exclusive benefit to all our existing customers, with slots designed to happen regularly to top up knowledge on key coffee prep topics, including:

  1. General Equipment maintenance and cleaning
  2. Espresso Fundamentals
  3. Milk Technique

These sessions are available every Friday at the Roastery and typically last for up to 2.5 hours.

**Spaces for staff can be booked via our online booking calendar. If you are an existing customer and would like access please contact info@machina-coffee.co.uk or call 0131 656 9565 for more details.


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