Subscription FAQ's

Tailored to suit you, our Machina Coffee Subscription service is a hassle-free way to enjoy ethically sourced, freshly roasted, seasonal coffee delivered direct to your door.  With prices as low as £9 including postage, this service is a super simple way to make sure you never run out of great quality coffee again, plus it's completely customisable to suit your coffee setup and lifestyle.  

  • Ongoing Subscriptions

    An ongoing subscription will run on a continual basis from the moment you set it up until the moment you decide to turn it off or pause it. This is a great way to ensure you either get your favourite coffees delivered direct to your door or are able to enjoy newly released single origin coffees based on the seasonal coffee calendar without having to think about a thing.

  • Fixed Subscriptions

    A fixed subscription is a neat way to trial a subscription, enjoy a block of speciality coffee for an allocated period time to work around your life, or set up a gift for family or friends. Our fixed term subscriptions are available in 3, 6 and 12 months blocks and work in the same way as an ongoing subscription for that period. Once your fixed term is over your payments and coffee deliveries will cease automatically, however you can always set up a new subscription whenever you want or set up a recurring subscription afterwards if you enjoyed the coffee that much!

  • How does the subscription work?

    The great thing about our coffee subscriptions is that you are in complete control of each of the individual elements. You select the coffee you want, the roast type, volume, grind setting and frequency and we’ll do the rest.

  • When are subscriptions sent out?

    Subscriptions are processed and posted on the same day as the recurring payment is taken from your account, according to your subscription start date and the associated details you have set up.

  • Can I change my subscription?

    Yes, you can change the roast, volume, and frequency at any time in your account settings. If you need to change your grind setting, please get in touch.

  • Can I change my coffee choice after my subscription has been set up?

    Again this is no problem, simply log into your account settings to change your choice of coffee

  • Can I cancel or pause my subscription?

    Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription or skip a delivery at any time. You can do this in your account settings

    Please note: if you have signed up for a fixed term subscription and skip an order, this will not carry forward, and will therefore reduce the total number of subscription orders you receive.

  • Is there a minimum term?

    Yes there is a minimum term of 3 months, however you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time after this period. 

  • How is my subscription shipped?

    All UK subscriptions are sent with Royal Mail 48 and the cost for this is built into the price of your recurring subscription charge. 

  • Can I change my billing or shipping details?

    Yes, you can change your billing or shipping details again simply go to your account settings to do this.

  • I’m an international customer - can I sign up?

    Yes, of course. We ship all international subscriptions with DHL and your shipping fee will be calculated at the checkout prior to completing your order.

  • Will my subscription fit through my letter box?

    250g bag subscriptions are shipped in a small letter format and can fit through a letterbox. 500g bag subscriptions might just squeeze through but if not, alongside 1kg subscriptions, someone will need to be home to accept the delivery as if it were any usual order.

  • When will I be charged?

    Payment will be taken according to the terms you have set up for your recurring order. So if you set up a subscription to receive coffee fortnightly then the associated coffee charge will be taken from your account from the date of your very first order and subsequently every 14 days after that point.

  • Can I pay upfront / in a block?

    We currently aren't able to accept upfront or bulk payments online, however if you email us and explain your requirements we will try our best to accommodate you.

    If you're looking for a limited number of subscriptions, you can sign up for a fixed term subscription in 3, 6 or 12 month increments.

  • Can I get my beans ground?

    Absolutely, we are happy to grind your beans for you. Of course coffee will always taste better freshly ground just before use, but we appreciate not everyone has access to a grinder at home. Make sure to let us know your brew method when setting up your subscription so we can grind your coffee to suit (each method requires a different grind setting).

    If you need to change the grind setting after subscribing, please get in touch.

  • What coffee will I get?

    You will receive the relevant coffee according to the selection you have made when setting up your subscription.

    We currently offer our espresso blends, Clockwork and Vox Pop alongside our house decaf La Plata as part of our fixed coffee subscriptions.

    Alternatively you can select a Single Origin subscription for our latest espresso or filter coffees. This is a great way to sample coffees from the worlds best origins, sourced according to the seasonal coffee calendar and follow our journey as a coffee roaster through this world of coffee. We will always look to supply you new and interesting coffees every month on rotation so depending on the coffee calendar, you could receive coffee from Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, D R Congo, Burundi and various others.

  • When will my coffee be roasted?

    We roast fresh every week, but don't always roast every coffee every week. So your coffee will always be fresh, but may not be a day or two old. Most commonly, your coffee will be between 1-16 days old (espresso) / 1-10 days old (filter) when you receive it. Coffee needs to rest for about 12 days after roasting to taste its best, so you’ll probably find this works out quite well. Each bag will have the roast date displayed on its base. 

    If you would like your coffee fresh, please get in touch and we will do our best to send you fresh coffee.

  • How long does coffee stay fresh?

    Coffee stored in a cool, dark, dry container should keep for about 2-3 months, if you’re able to save it that long!

  • Can I request rested coffee?

    If you would rather have rested coffee, just put a note in the order to let us know and if we have rested stock we will send you it.

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