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    Experience Better Quality Coffee

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  • Wholesale Coffee

    Wholesale Coffee

    Whether you're a local cafe or a large hotel group, learn how we can help you to improve the quality of the coffee, equipment & service in your business.

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  • Personalised Coffee Subscriptions

    Personalised Coffee Subscriptions

    Never run out of great coffee again. Fresh seasonal coffee, delivered direct to your door

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New Releases

Choose from our latest selection of espresso and filter roasts, thoughtfully sourced from a cross section of diverse and exciting origins.

    Ethically Sourced

    All our coffee is sourced according to the very highest standards of Fair Trade and are completely traceable at an origin level.

    Seasonal Coffee

    We select coffee according to the seasonal coffee calendar and all our coffees score 82 points on the SCA scale or above.

    Roasted locally in Edinburgh

    All our coffee is roasted by our team of experts at our roastery HQ, just behind Arthurs Seat in Edinburgh.

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    Coffee Equipment from the very best names in the industry.

    Coffee Equipment from the very best names in the industry.

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    Personalised Coffee Subscriptions

    Personalised Coffee Subscriptions

    Tailored to suit you, our Machina Coffee Subscription service is a hassle-free way to enjoy ethically sourced, freshly roasted, seasonal coffee delivered direct to your door. 

    With prices as low as £9 including postage, this service is a super simple way to make sure you never run out of great quality coffee again...

    Also: Save 50% off your first order with the code:


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    Wholesale Enquiries

    Wholesale Enquiries

    We are always looking for wholesale partners who share our passion for great quality coffee, equipment, and service. If you're looking to raise the standards of coffee in your business and are looking for a partner who can guide you through part or all of this journey then we'd love to hear from you.

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    Best Sellers

    Choose from our wide variety of seasonal single-origin coffees, roasted for both filter and espresso. We also have a hugely popular range of house espresso blends - perfect for your espresso machine and cafetiere.

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