Coffee Education in Schools

We are proud to offer Scottish High Schools access to our Barista Skills in schools programme, enabling them to gain access to the coffee, equipment, training and service they require to deliver the SQA in Barista Skills on campus.

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Barista Skills for Schools

Programme Ambition

At Machina we are genuinely passionate about local community and grassroots development.

We are also commited to look at real world solutions to bring young people into the hospitality sector whether as a long term career option or simply to help them develop real world skills that will enable them to pick up part time work and build up their CV.

Working with High Schools across Scotland we have built this programme to provide all young people with accessible routes into speciality coffee, via flexible programme of training and support. The aim - to provide additional 'real world skills' for school leavers, alongside fostering a passion and talent for hospitality and coffee.

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What's included with the programme?

Espresso Machine

The best brands, under warranty with service parts held in stock.

Coffee Supply

Speciality grade coffee delivered at wholesale prices direct to your school.

Coffee Cart

Bespoke coffee cart with steel frame and wood panelling. Option to add school crest & wheels for transport.

Service & Support

We will provide equipment service and PVI testing for free for the first 2 years.

Staff Training

3 part training programme for all staff delivering the course to ensure skills come up to the necessary levels. Training takes place in the classroom and at our roastery.

Barista Equipment

Additional barista kit, including grinders, scales, tampers. Plus everything else you need to get the programme running.

Expert Lessons

Option to have members of our roastery team come to schools and deliver interactive lessons on all aspects of coffee and business. Plus onsite roastery visits.

A Tailored Programme

We are more than happy to work with schools on a tailored basis to build a support programme to suit their specific needs.

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The Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person's Guarantee

We are thrilled to have been awarded the Scottish Government 'Young Person's Guarantee' Accreditation for Edinburgh & the Lothians for our work with this programme.

The Young Person's Guarantee is a commitment to connect every 16 to 24 year old in Scotland to an opportunity in employment.

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Elaine Gorman Developing the Young Workforce, School Co-ordinator, East Lothian Council:

"Having the expertise of Machina coffee on board for the local school launch of the SQA Barista Skills course is already proving invaluable. Staff are trained on the best equipment and in time pupils will benefit from learning about the coffee journey, roasting the perfect blend, marketing and customer service skills involved in serving up a perfect cup of coffee”

Amy McElhaney, PT Home Economics, Musselburgh Grammar School:

“We are committed to giving our young people opportunities that enhance their learning including through partnerships with industry experts. Working with Machina on the National 5 qualification offers the potential to increase skills and understanding that supports the course objectives. Machina offered excellent training that has allowed us to deliver the Skills For Work N5 Barista Skills to pupils with confidence. The pupils are getting great enjoyment out of taking part in the National qualification and are gaining confidence in using the Barista machine. They are finding the experience in gaining this training incredibly valuable and are discussing where it could take them for part time employment.”

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