• Lease to Buy Cafe Equipment

    We offer a full lease to buy service to our trade customers - to help you invest in the best quality kit without compromise.

    Lease to buy means making fixed monthly repayments on our products, and at the end of the contract you own them outright. We work with a third party to offer finance for leasing who can provide you a quote to match your requirements.

    The process is very straightforward:

    1. You let us know what you are looking to purchase via lease to buy, and we provide you with a main quote, plus an indicative quote for the leasing. This means a set of figures across 1, 2, 3 & 4 year options that are usually within 5% of the final quote you will be offered.
    2. You confirm you are happy with the quote we have provided and that you wish to proceed.
    3. With your approval, we pass on your contact details to our finance partner, who then contacts you to talk you through the finance process and application.
    4. Our finance partner will then carry out any checks that are required, such as personal identification and credit history.
    5. Once completed, they will make inform you if you are approved for the finance credit. If you are approved, you will be sent E-Sign documentation to complete the agreement.
    6. At this stage our finance partner will send us an approval document, which allows us to carry out the delivery of the goods to you.
    7. Once you receive the goods, you are required to sign off an acceptance document, which confirm that you have received the goods and confirm the completion of the process. 
  • Benefits of lease to buy:

    - It spreads the cost of your equipment over its useful working life, which can allow you to invest in better quality kit.
    - Leasing rentals for a business are 100% tax allowable, meaning the cost of leasing can be offset against your pre-tax profits during a lease period.
    - You can also reclaim the VAT on your monthly repayments.
    - Choose whether to make your repayments over 2-5 years.
    - Make fixed monthly payments unaffected by changes in interest rates.

    If you’d like more details or a quote, get in touch directly at call 0131 656 9565.

  • Prefer traditional leasing?

    If you prefer to have your machine supplied under traditional leasing with full service included, where you do not have to purchase the equipment outright or even take on the credit finance in your name, we offer this service as an alternative.
    *Please note: this service is only available to customer serving Machina Coffee. See HERE for details.

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