Ethical Coffee Sourcing

Thoughtful coffee sourcing is and always will be a challenge.
Our ethos is one of balancing ethics & sustainability with a viable business model that does not cause harm to anyone involved in the supply chain.

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Trusted suppliers

Trusted suppliers

We only work with a small number of suppliers who have proven over time, that they care as much about their social and environmental impact, as they do about the coffee they source.

As part of these long term relationships, our chosen suppliers (which we refer to as coffee partners) continue to provide detailed information on the work that is carried out in key origins.

This includes, but is not exclusive to training and support for farmers, investment in equipment and processing to help drive quality and return on harvests, plus when possible, contributing towards other socio / economic needs.

We receive regular valuable information, sharing how they invest in grass roots development and feeding local economies and considering more than just coffee.

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Single Estate Vs Regionals

Single Estate Vs Regionals

Within the speciality sector, there are many views on coffee quality, sourcing strategies and what is perceived as the 'right thing to do'.

While many place a high value on fully traceable single estate (farm) coffees over regional lots (multi farm or area blends), we try to ignore this layer of information.

Instead we look at two other more important factors. Firstly, is the coffee outstanding, regardless of whether it is a single farm lot or not.

Then secondly, can we add more value by representing a regional lot, where in many cases, we can support farmers and communities who would benefit more from our support?

If the answer is yes, we always opt for regional lots, as coffee quality and livelihoods always supersedes a story.

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Sharing resources

Sharing resources

We try our hardest to gather and document key information around our approach to coffee sourcing. This is integral to our business model, and one that we are enthusiastic to share with those who work with us.

We are always keen to pass on knowledge about the value of ethical sourcing, so that our customers can communicate this to their wider customer base, making the values of our industry accessible to as many people as possible.

These come in the form of coffee information postcards, public coffee tastings and talks and also presentations supporting our barista program in Scottish schools.

Learn about our sourcing model.

Access our current ethics and sustainability report, plus access coffee information postcards and other point of sale materials.