Make the Perfect Iced Pour Over: Our Machina Guide

Iced pour over coffee is a fantastic and simple way to cool down on a hot day, or to mix up your brewing at home routine. There are so many ways to drink your coffee cold (we are banning the “I forgot about my coffee and it’s not really warm anymore” method), including cold brew and iced lattes, but this method is really easy to make at home, and takes no longer than your usual pour over.
This guide is super versatile, and you can use any sort of pour over dripper. We’ll be using a Kalita 155, but it’ll work on any size V60, Kalita, or Chemex. We’re brewing with Nkanda, our new coffee from Burundi. 
We’ve stuck a few notes below the method that are worth reading through, but other than that, give it a whirl, and let us know how you get on!

You will need:

18g coffee, ground medium-fine
100g small ice cubes, plus more for serving
Dripper of choice (Kalita/V60 etc)
Filter paper
Brewing vessel
Scales and timer
Orange peel (optional)

    Let's get brewing!

    Place 100g of ice into your brewing vessel. Rinse filter paper with hot water (over sink or other vessel).

    Grind and place 18g of ground coffee into the filter, shake flat, and place dripper on top of your vessel.

    Tare the scales, start your timer, and pour 50g of boiling water over the grounds, evenly saturating them. Give the brewer a swirl. 

    At 0.30 pour 100g, swirl again, and leave to drip through.

    Remove the dripper, and give the vessel a swirl to allow the last of the ice to melt down. 

    Pour the brew over a glass with fresh ice.

    Add an orange peel (optional), drink up, and enjoy!


      We’d recommend grinding one or two clicks finer than your usual pour over, purely due to the shorter brew time and water contact.
      *Rinse the filter paper over the sink or into a different vessel: you don’t want to pre-heat the brewing vessel with this method. A little unavoidable if using a Chemex though!
      Smaller ice cubes melt quicker: use these during brewing.
      Larger ice cubes melt slower: use these in your final drink.
      Adding an orange peel to your final drink is completely optional, but can add an extra layer of zesty complexity. Give it a try!
      If you like your brew a little sweeter, try adding a dash of homemade sugar syrup to your final drink (equal parts sugar and hot water, mixed and chilled for 1hr+). It’s useful to keep a small bottle of sugar syrup in the fridge for adding to cocktails and future iced coffees!