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At our core, Machina is a speciality coffee roastery.
We live for it, and love to share our passion with others who want to improve their coffee offering and make their customers experience a memorable one.
As a speciality coffee roaster, we put time & resources into a range of key areas including sourcing, quality control, ethics and sustainability and taking the time to taste & share coffee with you.
See below for more information on these subjects.

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About our coffee

About our coffee

We source, roast and distribute a range of speciality grade coffees from around the globe, sourced based on the seasonal coffee calendar, ensuring that we buy at the optimum point of freshness and quality.

This is done through working with just three main suppliers, who we have long standing and trusted relationships with.

We buy coffees based on quality of profile, regardless of whether they come from a prestigious farm, washing station or super star importer.

Our range is diverse, including crowd pleasing blends, through to high end experimental single origin lots that challenge traditional coffee concepts.

Our Sourcing Strategy

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A focus on quality

A focus on quality

We roast our coffee daily in relatively small batches across two traditional Probatone drum roasters (12 & 25KG), with a focus on quality over quantity.

This means your coffee will always be at its peak in terms of freshness crop and roast.

We invest heavily in quality control, ensuring that each coffee stays as close as possible to their defined profile, providing you with the high standard and consistency you need.

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An ethical sourcing model

An ethical sourcing model

We only work with a small number of suppliers who work to a positive, transparent business model & supply chain.

These suppliers invest in, support and represent farmers & washing stations who go the extra mile in terms of quality & sustainable farming.

In many cases, they go beyond the norm, investing heavily in positive socio / economic projects where they are needed most.

These relationships ensure a range of crucial factors such as a fair price paid to farmers, the avoidance of child labour and the investment in communities that depend on coffee farming for their livlihoods.