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    65mm flat steel (Diamond Coated)


    Digital touchscreen control, timed dosing & dose counter

    Build Quality

    Plastic free build with premium metal base & hopper cover


    2 years back to base

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    The Eureka Stark - The Mignon with it's best upgrade yet.

    The Eureka Stark - The Mignon with it's best upgrade yet.

    The Stark is the latest (and greatest) release in the Mignon ORO range of espresso grinders.

    It surpasses the rest of the range (Specialita & Turbo) by combining 65mm flat steel burrs with a diamond coating, premium quality metal base and hopper lid and very low grind retention that no other model can offer.

    It looks, feel and performs like a premium grade grinder that has had no corners cut.

    We consider this to be the best home / office espresso grinding you can get, before having to buy a commercial unit.

    Grind adjustment: Micrometric adjustment control dial and automatic temporised button

    Modes: 2 x Programs & Continuous

    Improved ELR system, resulting in very low grind retention.

    Simple to dismantle and clean

    Intuitive touch screen controls with 0.1 sec increments

    Available in Chrome & Black

    • Description

      The Mignon range:

      In the last 10 years, the Eureka Mignon has fast become a market leader for professional espresso grinding in the home or office.  There were many models in the range, but the important ones were Silenzio & Specialita. Until now they have all included plastic bases and geared towards a domestic grade / feel.

      What is the STARK?

      2022/23 see's the new ORO range with Eureka taking the Mignon into a more premium build quality with the ORO Stark.  It moves the Mignon into the area between domestic and commercial and it's pretty impressive.

      The Mignon Stark has been upgraded with new 65mm flat 'Pure Diamond' coated steel burrs with extended lifespan and a higher spec motor to manage the demand of this larger burr set, plus a fully metal base giving it a more premium feel and no movement.  The result is a super charged Mignon, capable of extremely fast grind at a considerable jump up in quality and distribution.

      It weighs 7.4KG, is produced in the same method as most commercial grinders (cast steel body / chassis), is easy to use, clean and is very consistent.  Again, in the touch screen you have the ability to program two separate doses to what ever time you wish to a 0.1 second intervals (the icons show single and double dosing). It's precise, robust and delivers exceptional grind quality.

      Why should you buy it?

      The Mignon is still considered the market leader in pro home espresso grinders, and the Stark is simply the best in the range, considering build quality Vs features Vs price.  You can buy cheaper grinders, but if you want premium espresso grind without the hassle of upgrading in the future, the Stark gives you the grinder you need now, without spending over £565, which is an area of grinders with very serious options.

      Key features:

      The Stark offers some impressive features that put the rest of the range in the shadows including:

      - Touch screen which also offers a dose counter.
      - Metal base, replacing the plastic material used on all other models.
      - Metal hopper cover.
      - Improved ELR system, resulting in very low grind retention.
      - Ultra high speed grinding at 3g per sec.

      Please note: you can now buy Puly Verde cleaning crystals for proper cleaning of your Eureka Mignon. You can check this product HERE.

      Warranty info:

      This machine comes with a 2 year back to base warranty.

      What does a back-to-base warranty mean?

      • Back to Base entitles the owner to return this particular piece of equipment to the Machina warehouse if faulty or damaged free of charge, to be replaced or repaired, within the stipulated time period.

      Other Info:

       Process: Simply email us at and we will organise the free pick up and return of your machine

      • Back to Base Warranty only available to UK residents.

      • See our shipping and returns policy for warehouse address and other information.

    • Technical Info

      Burr Size: 65mm

      Burr Type: Steel flat burrs (Patented Diamond Coated)

      Hopper: 300g

      Grind adjustment: Micrometric adjustment control dial and automatic temporised button

      Controls: Touch screen including dose / shot counter

      Modes: Programmed / Manual / Continuous

       Speed: 3 grams per second

      Doser / On Demand: On demand

      Portafilter Holder: Yes (Adjustable)

      Construction: Hardened polished steel chassis, aluminium (chrome coated) base and cover.

      Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (320w)

      RPM: 1650 rpm

      Weight: Grinder 7.4kg (Boxed - 8.2kg)

      Dimensions HWD: 380mm x 128mm x 186mm

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    Eureka - one of the unspoken innovators in the coffee industry

    Eureka - one of the unspoken innovators in the coffee industry

    Whilst they might not carry the same swagger and UK speciality coffee industry profile as the likes of Mahlkonig, Victoria Arduino or Mazzer, Eureka sit quietly in the background producing some of the most reliable and long lasting grinders out there.

    They actually produce all grinders for the likes of Victoria Arduino and Nuova Simonelli and are the source of the much loves Mythos One grinders - an industry leader. Learn More

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