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    2 year back to base warranty

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    The best value Dual Boiler out there.

    The best value Dual Boiler out there.

    Profitec's most popular Dual Boiler domestic machine, geared for use in the home or office.

    Designed to produce artisan quality coffee. It's a fusion of classic Italian design and German precision engineering constructed from steel and finished in chrome.

    By simply removing the ability to connect to a main water supply and changing the pump from rotary to vibration, the price of a dual boiler just because much more accessible. Genius.

    Profitec machines are known as pro-sumer, delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.

    Dual Gauges for Boiler & Group Pressures

    Front facing PID, providing control over both the brew & steam temperatures.

    Reservoir water connection

    Auto power off when reservoir is running low, protecting your boiler

    Ability to run as a single boiler for espresso only

    E61 Group head providing solid thermal mass for perfect espresso extraction

    • Description

      Who are Profitec?

      Profitec are a division of ECM based in Hieldelberg, Germany, offering high grade German engineering at a very high standard.

      What is the Profitec PRO 600?

      The PRO 600 is Profitec's second dual boiler espresso machine in their range (After the PRO 300), geared for use in the home or office, to produce artisan quality coffee. 

      It's a classic E61 espresso machine, constructed from steel and finished in chrome.  It comes with separate / dedicated boilers - brew boiler & steam boiler, shot timer, PID for precision temperature control over both boilers and dual water connections, all housed in a stainless steel housing.

      What is so special about it?

      Dual boiler espresso machines are typically quite expensive, due to the range of features that they tend to offer.  These are dual boilers (brew boiler & service boiler), PID, rotary pump and dual water connection options (reservoir and mains connect). Together, these features really jump the price up to the level of a Rocket R58 (£2450).

      What we have found from speaking with and advising customers over the last 9 years, is that many people looking for a dual boiler don't actually need two of these features.  These are, 1) a rotary pump, as at a domestic level, the vibration pump is not very loud and more than adequate, plus 2) dual water connect, as most people tend to just use the machine on reservoir only.

      The Profitec PRO 600 comes without these two features, and as a result, the price is £750 less than a Rocket R58, which is a huge amount of money, especially for someone using a machine in the home.

      In short: Two features have been removed which are rarely ever used, and the machine is £750 less than the Rocket equivalent.

      Who is it suited to?

      The Profitec PRO 600 is geared towards people wanting to drink amazing quality coffee in the home or office, but with precision control over temperature during the brewing process. If you are interested in playing around with the types of coffee you use (roasts styles or origins), or the way you brew it (varying temperature), then the PRO 600 if the machine for you.

      It's not uncommon for people to upgrade from HX machines to dual boilers once they become more into the quality or precision control of their coffee. That said, more people are going straight for the PRO 600 as their first machine with the view of just going for the best first time around, with the view of avoiding future upgrades.

      What is the build quality like?

      Similar to a Rocket, the PRO 600 is built like a tank, but with the look and feel of a Mercedes. It weighs around 30KG, so it's reassuringly heavy. The unit is housed around a solid stainless steel chassis, so it's very stable. The attention to detail is exceptional, with excellent finish both inside and outside the machine. It has beautiful clean lines across it's production, which give it a luxury feel.

      What's so good about it?

      The Profitec PRO 600 has separate insulated brass boilers for both brewing and steam. These enable simultaneous brewing of espresso and steaming of milk with ultimate temperature control and stability. The fully programmable PID (electronic temperature control), uses sensors inside the boilers to deliver precise temperatures, ensuring stability to within 1°C. This feature allows for precise adjustments to suit specific types of coffee, so total variable control to suit your needs and tastes.

      It contains a domestic grade vibration, separate boiler and pump pressure gauges, a cool touch technology (anti-burn) stainless steel steam wand, separate hot water tap, a large stainless steel drip tray and a large cup warmer.

      For those wishing to adjust the brew pressure / bar pressure, you can do so by removing the drip try and access the adjustment valve in the space behind the drip tray.

      Both the steam and hot water arms are tool to touch design, meaning you will not burn yourself, even if you touch the piping on either.

      It has a few additional tech features such as Brew group cleaning reminder, which is triggered based on your setting in the PID for number of times used. Handy for all that don't remember these things.

      The PRO 600 may be classed as a domestic machine, but it is considerably powerful, capable of producing excellent espresso and perfect micro-foam for flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos at a level that is normally only seen in commercial equipment.

      Why buy from us?

      We are an official Profitec dealership, providing genuine warranties. We carry all parts for repair / service and do all our own technical support in-house - not outsourced.

      We offer a fair and informative service, where we will guide you on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive.

      All machines are re-tested before they leave us, so that we know 100% that they are in perfect working and aesthetic condition when they reach you. Factory testing is good quality, but these machines come delivered in trucks from Milan to the UK, where they go through considerable movement along the way.

    • Profitec PRO 600 Warranty

      The Profitec PRO 600 (Dual Boiler) 2022 comes with a 2 year back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information. 

      However you can pay for an additional 1 year cover as part of your purchase. 

      For more information on specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

      Brew Group: Commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group (weighing 4.05kg). With ability to adjust brew / bar pressure - adjustable brew pressure

      Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter.

      Pre-Infusion: Dual pre-infusion delivered via the thermo siphon E61 group.

      Steam Wand: Cool to touch (anti-burn) stainless steel wand / hot water wands with excellent steam power. Wear-free rotary valves

      Hot Water Tap: Separate hot water tap.  Wear-free rotary valves

      Gauges: Pump and boiler pressure gauges.

      Boilers: Separate 0.75L brew boiler and 1L steam boiler (hot water boiler) - both made of stainless steel with Boiler insulation. You can choose single boiler option for just brewing espresso, vastly improving heat up time.

      Pump: Domestic grade vibration pump aka vibratory pump

      PID: Front facing PID providing control over both boiler temperatures.  This also double as a shot timer when active - showing brewing time.

      Water connections: 2.8l removable internal water reservoir with full drip tray drainage system.

      Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel.

      Cup tray: Large Removable cup tray with stainless surround.

      Drip Tray: Stainless steel (Removable) drip tray. 

      Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (2000w / 230v).

      Weight: 24kg.

      Dimensions: 305mm Width x 450mm Depth x 395mm Height.

      Accessories included: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets.

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    About Profitec

    About Profitec

    Based in Hieldelberg Germany, Profitec (Part of ECM) are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

    ECM / Profitec were part of the original company (ECM Italy) that ultimately became what is now known as Rocket Espresso Milano.