Compak - PK100 Precision Grinder - 98mm (Matt Black)
£2,940.00 (Includes VAT)

We don't add new grinders to our range very often, as we're pretty happy with what we have. But if something comes along that really impresses us, we are always open to a new addition.

Compak are from Barcelona. They make amazing quality grinders that do not play the game in the traditional way that most grinder manufacturers do. We like that.

Ultra sleek design, very robust, precision build quality and ultra quality grind, all contribute towards what is an amazing brand.

This Grinder, the PK100 is (arguably) the best competitor to the EK43 to date, and that's a BIG statement. Interested? Read on...

The PK100 is a multipurpose grinder, specially designed for all types of brewing. The single Dose cupping system and the extremely low coffee retention allow for the full spectrum of grind size and brewing methods with a single grinder. 

Blind Burrs:

  • High extraction yield burrs 
  • 98 mm blind burrs
  • Special high-strength steel K110, up to 9.000kg burr life
  • Ideal for specialty coffee
  • Better particle distribution
  • Less accumulation of ground coffee waste

900 RPM Slow Cold Grinding:

  • High extraction yield burrs
  • Working speed: burrs at 900 rpm
  • 500W motor
  • Double ventilation system

Hands Free:

  • Universal fork for (dosing cup) and portafilter

  • Possibility of placing a coffee bag
Lever knocker for reduced coffee retention

  • Convenient Grind push activation button

  • Placing a coffee bag

Static Reducing Clump Breaking:

  • Our PK grinders reduce static and eliminate clumping

  • Zero waste

Double Precision Dial:

  • Micrometrical 
  • The spring loaded holster can accommodate both portafilters or different size cups for varying dose sizes

Adaptive Exit:

  • Adjust dose sizes

Grind by Dose:

  • Ergonomic system

  • 100% aluminium

  • Single Dose cup- capacity 55 g ± 5g

    Compak grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base parts warranty.  *See our terms and conditions for further information

    Unsure if this grinder is a good match with your espresso machine? see our Grinder Guide

    For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

      • Burr Size: 98mm
      • Burr Type: Steel burrs.
      • Hopper size: 60g (Can upgrade to 750g)
      • Materials: Cast Aluminium
      • Adjustment: Stepless Micrometrical
      • Range: Turkish to French Press
      • Finish: Black
      • Power: Standard UK 13amp plug / 500w (220-240v)
      • Speed: 900rpm
      • Weight: 25.4kg
      • Dimensions WHD: 25.2cm x 62.2cm x 32.8cm