Compak - PK100 Precision Grinder - 98mm (Matt Black)

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    98mm steel blind burrs / High extraction yield

    Grind adjustment

    Micrometrical via the front facing dial


    High grade cast aluminium


    1 year back to base

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    The PK100 - the first proper challenger to the EK43?

    The PK100 - the first proper challenger to the EK43?

    The PK100 is Compak's top of the range unit, with a string of features including front facing precision adjustment, 98mm burrs - Coffee or Hybrid and choice of hopper for either retail (750g) or single dosing for espresso and / or QC.

    Add to that the option to add a portafilter if using for espresso shots, a slick add on for high end espresso preparation.

    A premium grinder with massive potential that is generating serious interest.

    There have been false claims competing with the EK43 before. Could this be the first proper rival?

    Retail OR single dose hopper options

    Portafilter holder option

    Coffee OR Hybrid burr option

    Lever knocker for reduced coffee retention

    Working speed: burrs at 900 rpm

    Convenient Grind push activation button

    • Description

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      Who are Compak?

      Compak are from Barcelona. They make amazing quality grinders that are very robust, east to use, offer intuitive controls and is brought together in a very sleek design package, all contributing towards what is an amazing brand.

      What is the PK100?

      This Grinder, the PK100 is (arguably) the best competitor to the EK43 to date, and that's a BIG statement. Pitched as a grinder capable of seriously uniform grind that will offer great clarity in areas such as QC labs, high end filter preparation and even precision espresso bars.

      It is a tall unit (around the same height as an EK43), but is more traditional in layout. Like it's EK competitor, it provides a large dial on the front of the unit for grind adjustment, making it easy to use and providing a clear visual.

      The burrs on the PK100 are high extraction 98mm yield design, with great particle distribution. They are made from special high-strength steel K110, with up to 9.000kg burr life.

      It runs on a low 500 watt motor running at 900 rpm, with a double ventilation system, reducing friction / heat and improving grind quality and clarity in the cup.

      Burr options:

      It comes with different burr options, depending on what your intended use is - filter or espresso. If you are using it for filter, you would have coffee burrs installed (not fine enough for commercial espresso). If you were using it for espresso, you would have hybrid burrs (not course enough for very course filter).

      Hopper options:

      It comes with different hopper options, depending on what your intended use is - single doe or retail. If you are using it for single dosing on a bar or QC lab, you may want to opt for the single dose hopper - quick, clean, precise and minimal. If you are using it for retail, you would likely prefer the 750g retail hopper.

      Hands Free option:

      If you are using the PK100 for espresso, you have the added option of including a universal metal portafilter fork, with a neat click in place feature and a grind push activation button sitting just behind it, just like a traditional dedicated espresso grinder system.

      Warranty info:

      Compak grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base parts warranty. *See our terms and conditions for further information

      For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

    • Technical Info

      Burr Size: 98mm

      Burr Type: Steel burrs.

      Hopper size: 60g (single dose) (Can upgrade to retail - 750g)

      Materials: Cast Aluminium

      Adjustment: Stepless Micrometrical

      Single dose cup: Capacity 55g

      Range: Turkish to French Press *Burr dependant

      Finish: Black

      Power: Standard UK 13amp plug / 500w (220-240v)

      Speed: 900rpm

      Weight: 25.4kg

      Dimensions WHD: 25.2cm x 62.2cm x 32.8cm

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    Compak Coffee Grinders

    Compak Coffee Grinders

    Compak from Barcelona are somewhat out the limelight in comparison to the big hitters of the grinding world. Understated, but confident.

    The brand has a strong focus on build quality, supported by well considered aesthetics and amazing grind quality.