Cachoeiras, Brazil - Single Origin - Aluminium Capsules

Our single estate Brazil, perfectly captured in a capsule.

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Fudge, Milk Chocolate, Pecan

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The Farmer

The Farmer

Sete Cachoeiras is owned by Marcelo Renato Brito, a producer whose family history in coffee goes back 100 years. Continuing this legacy are Marcelo's sons Renato and André, students of agronomy whose knowledge and expertise have supported Marcelo's investment in coffee as a speciality crop.

As well as quality, sustainability is an important focus of production at Sete Cachoeiras. Actions such as using their own organic fertiliser, reforestation (of some 84,800 trees!), and the conservation of water demonstrate the family's commitment to sustainable farming practices. Since 2000 the family have attained certification in UTZ (the first to do so in Brazil), Rainforest Alliance, 4C, Café Practices, Certifica Minas and Carbon Neutral.

We were lucky enough to visit Sete Cachoeiras in July 2022, and see firsthand the expertise and passion the Brito family have for sustainable speciality coffee production.

Producer: Marcelo Renato Brito

Region: Três Pontas, Minas Gerais

Varietal: Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Acaia, Rubi, Catucai, Topazio

Elevation: 900 MASL

Suitable for use with all Nespresso compatible capsule machines, including the Opal One.

Our very first single estate Brazil perfectly transitioned to a Nespresso compatible pod.

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Coffee capsules are a product of convenience, but this doesn't mean it has to have a huge negative impact on the environment.

Media and public information tells us that the right thing to do is make capsules from plant or paper based materials, but this is not as straightforward as it sounds, nor is it as effective as we need it to be.

Plant based packaging solutions are an amazing option for certain things, but in the case of coffee capsules, this is not the case, due to the fact they let oxygen in quick and start the degrading of the coffee too quickly. Further to this, they don't decompose as fast as it's suggested; in fact they take a long time, which is far from ideal.

We chose to work with aluminium capsules for two very good reasons. Firstly, they offer a life span of up to 3 years, so you lose little or no coffee quality in the time that you need to use them up. Secondly, the material is 100% recyclable in the UK, and can be put back through the recyclable loop easily by everyone via PodBack.

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    We are always looking to work with likeminded businesses to serve our coffee.

    If you're interested in serving this locally roasted Edinburgh coffee as your main offering, a guest appearance or as bags of retail, get in touch with us on or call (0131) 656 9565.

  • Roasting Schedule

    Your coffee will be roasted within 1-16 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point at 12-36 days old). We recommend letting this coffee rest for at least 12 days before using, in order to release excess gas which can impact the flavour of your cup.

    If you would like your coffee fresh, please leave a note with your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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