Profitec PRO 700 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine


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    Manual / Leva Activation & PID

    Boiler Design

    Dual Boiler

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    PID, Touch Screen, Dual Gauges, Shot Timer, Rotary Pump


    2 year back to base warranty

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    An exceptional dual boiler machine to rival the R58

    An exceptional dual boiler machine to rival the R58

    Profitec's most popular dual boiler domestic machine. Since its release in 2014, the Profitec Pro 700 has been one of the company’s top sellers.

    The PRO 700 is the next step up in the range from the PRO 600 in the Profitec range, adding a rotary pump and dual water connection.

    It's a serious premium level piece of equipment, offering greater accuracy and control over the coffee-making process.

    Just like the PRO 600, it is constructed from steel and finished in chrome. The display shows the brewing time with up to the second accuracy, alongside a shot timer. The steam boiler has a dedicated on/off switch, allowing you to turn it off for fast brew boiler heat up time (If you choose to just make espresso).

    Dual Gauges for Boiler & Group Pressures

    Front facing PID, providing control over both the brew & steam temperatures.

    Rotary pump for controlled and quiet water control

    Dual water connection, offering both internal reservoir and mains water connect

    Ability to run as a single boiler for espresso only

    E61 Brew group with stainless steel mushroom

    • Description

      Who are Profitec?

      Profitec are a division of ECM based in Hieldelberg, Germany, offering high grade German engineering at a very high standard.

      What is the Profitec PRO 700?

      Since its release in 2014, the Profitec Pro 700 has been one of the company’s top sellers, and for good reason. This popular prosumer machine is the aspiring home barista’s dream offering greater accuracy and control over the coffee-making process. The PRO 700 is a 'leva' activated, dual boiler espresso machine with PID-display and the next step up in the Profitec range from the PRO 600.

      Featuring classic design features, this machine is constructed from steel and finished in chrome. The display shows the brewing time with up to the second accuracy. The steam boiler has a dedicated on/off switch. The PRO 700 may be used with water tank or fixed water connection.

      What is so special about it?

      The Profitec Pro 700 sits at the upper-end of the companies dual boiler espresso machine portfolio. It’s essentially the big brother to the rest of the line-up, with both the extensive features and is the model for the most serious of home espresso lovers, but also famed for its ease of use. 

      At the core of the Pro 700 are the two stainless steel boilers; a 2-litre steam boiler and a 0.75-litre brew boiler. With dedicated boilers for brewing and steaming, you’re able to pull a shot of espresso and froth milk at the same time. 

      Each boiler has dedicated PID temperature control, allowing for greater temperature control and accuracy, and improved consistency with room for experimentation with new coffees.

      It also contains a rotary pump which is extremely quiet and offers stable pressure delivery, separate boiler and pump pressure gauges, a cool touch technology (anti-burn) stainless steel steam wand, separate hot water tap, a large stainless steel drip tray and a large cup warmer.

      However the main features that set it apart from the slightly less expensive (but equally impressive) Profitec 600 is it's ability to be plumbed directly into the mains water supply, providing convenience (ongoing manual filling) plus stable pressure which supports genuine pre-infusion.  In addition to this, it contains a rotary pump, making it a much quieter machine during operation. 

      How does it compare with a Rocket R58 aka Cinquantotto?

      The PRO 700 is basically a like for like machine to the R58.  The main differences are:

      • The PID is front facing and not on a detachable device.
      • It's reservoir cover is the entire top section of the machine instead of a lid.
      • It's slightly more understated in design in a cool / minimalist way.
      • It's around £500 cheaper; a considerable sum.

      Who is it suited to?

      This machine is suited to the serious home espresso lover, looking for greater control and accuracy over the espresso making process. If you are prepared to plumb in your machine (to gain improved pressure control & real pre-infusion), then this is a beautifully made, solid and reliable piece of equipment that offers great value for money for the quality it offers.

      What is the build quality like?

      Similar to a Rocket, the PRO 700 is built like a tank, but with the look and feel of a Mercedes. It weighs around 31KG, so it's reassuringly heavy. The unit is housed around a solid stainless steel chassis, so it's very stable. The attention to detail is exceptional, with excellent finish both inside and outside the machine. It has beautiful clean lines across it's production, which give it a luxury feel.

      Why buy from us?

      We are an official Profitec dealership, providing genuine warranties. We carry all parts for repair / service and do all our own technical support in-house - not outsourced.

      We offer a fair and informative service, where we will guide you on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive.

      All machines are re-tested before they leave us, so that we know 100% that they are in perfect working and aesthetic condition when they reach you. Factory testing is good quality, but these machines come delivered in trucks from Milan to the UK, where they go through considerable movement along the way.

    • Profitec PRO 700 Warranty

      The Profitec PRO 700 (Dual Boiler) 2022 comes with a 2 year back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information. However you can pay for an additional 1 year cover as part of your purchase. 

      For more information on specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

       Brew Group: Commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group (weighing 4.05kg).

       Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter.

       Pre-Infusion: Dual pre-infusion delivered via the thermo siphon E61 group.

       Steam Wand: Cool to touch (anti-burn) stainless steel wand.

       Hot Water Tap: Separate hot water tap.

       Gauges: Pump and boiler pressure gauges.

       Boilers: Separate 0.75L brew and 2L service insulated boilers made of stainless steel.

       Pump: Rotary pump.

       PID: Front facing PID providing control over both the brew and steam temperatures including shot timer.

       Water connections: 2.8l removable internal water reservoir with full drip tray drainage system., and mains water connection.

       Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel.

       Cup tray: Large (Removable) cup tray with stainless surround.

       Drip Tray: Stainless steel (Removable) drip tray.

       Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (1600w / 230v).

       Weight: 31kg.

       Dimensions: 340mm Width x 590mm Depth x 420mm Height.

       Accessories included: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets.

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      About Profitec

      About Profitec

      Based in Hieldelberg Germany, Profitec (Part of ECM) are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

      ECM / Profitec were part of the original company (ECM Italy) that ultimately became what is now known as Rocket Espresso Milano.

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