La Marzocco GB5 X Espresso Machine (Automatic / ABR)


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    Digital display, Automatic

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    Multi Boiler

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    Barista Lights, White Details & Cool Touch Steam Wands


    2 years

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    The GB5 X ABR - a serious upgrade on the original GB5

    The GB5 X ABR - a serious upgrade on the original GB5

    The GB5 X ABR is the latest machine to be released by La Marzocco, which continues to drive quality and innovation.

    The GB5 X ABR has taken the GB5 S version to the next level, moving it from a Dual Boiler to a Multi Boiler, offering incredible / individual temperature control across each separate group. Further, they have added barista lights as standard, making the barista space light and clear for workflow. Add to this barista lights as standard, alongside a white rebrand across its logos, manometer, display lettering and keypads. Further to this, the ABR version comes with integrated scales.

    Add to this all the other core LM features that you expect including dual boiler technology, dual PID, auto cleaning cycles, auto power on/off, multi automatic programs and intuitive front facing controls.

    Separate boilers for A) Hot Water & Steam and B) Brew Groups

    Fully saturated groups - giving you unrivalled group temperature stability.

    Dual PID - precision control over your coffee & steam temperature.

    Integrated scales

    Water sensor that measures the conductivity and hardness of water as it enters the machine

    La Marzocco Pro-App - giving you control over settings via your phone or iPad

    • Description

      What is the Linea Classic S?

    • Description

      What is the GB5 x?

      The GB5 x is the remodelled version of La Marzocco's classic GB5 machine, originally released back in 2005. It sill retains it's original focus on offering redefined temperature stability via it's dual PID technology, controlling both their brew and steam boilers, keeping it in line with the current high standards of the internal La Marzocco design. It still sits within their range as the more traditional machine in terms of style, with curved lines and old school Italian design, complete with arched corner containing a Marzocco lion for full effect - the only one in the range with this iconic feature. Inside it's still a workhorse, capable of high volume and consistently accurate temperature stability.

      What is the difference between the GB5 X and GB5 S?

      The GB5 x has taken the GB5 s version to the next level, moving it from a Dual Boiler to a Multi Boiler, offering incredible / individual temperature control across each separate group. Further, they have added barista lights as standard, making the barista space light and clear for workflow. Add to this barista lights as standard, alongside a white rebrand across its logos, manometer, display lettering and keypads.

      Who is this machine right for?

      If you are a business known for quality coffee or wants to up it's coffee game and you serve coffee at reasonable volumes. You are looking for a serious machine with a good pedigree that will last and not give you any headaches - with a traditional feel and real presence - the GB5 s is a great option.

      The GB5 X typifies why La Marzocco machines are considered the best in the world, with a string of key features that make it such a high quality machine:

      • Multi Boilers - separate boilers for brewing and steaming. Having separate boilers gives you two key things. Firstly a dedicated boiler for brewing espresso at a precise temperature, which is crucial for quality espresso. The second is for generating a continued supply of hot water and powerful steam, without impacting the quality of your brewing water.

      • Multi Saturated Group Boilers: giving you unrivalled group temperature stability. Group-heads are connected to the brew boiler, so your water travels less distance and maintains a more precise temperature. Further, the group itself is heated maintaining further temperature stability. Further, each group has its own dedicated brew boiler for increased temp stability and individual settings and control.

      • Dual PID - precision control over your coffee & steam temperature. The temperature always varies, slightly, so having a PID does two key things. Firstly it pulses back to within 0.1c whenever there is variance. Secondly it allows you to alter the setting of the temperature based on the style of coffee you are using. Additionally being able to accurately control the steam boiler temperature allows you to adjust the steam pressure and intensity of your steam wands.

      • Piero Group Caps - re-engineered water path and flow meter positioning that increases temperature stability.

      • Pro App Compatible - electronic board that will allow connectivity to the new La Marzocco Pro App (available mid 2021).

      • Digital Display - providing front facing access to all the machines key control parameters such as the PID, group volume programs, cleaning cycles etc.

      • Programmable Doses - allowing espresso doses to be programmed / stored into each of the front facing buttons. *Only on AV & ABR versions.

      • Ruby flow restrictors - keeping your shots consistent all the time. Being able to get repeat recipes of your coffee shots is crucial. If your flow restrictors get scale in them or corrode at all, you will fail to get consistency. Ruby is a material resistant to scale, so resolves this issue. Other manufacturers use cheap metal materials, but La Marzocco manage this challenge for you.

      • Hot water economiser - precision control over the hot water tap temperature. This allows you to finely tune your water temperature for Americano's and Tea. Boiling water is not great for everything, and being able to adjust this is a great feature.

      • Stainless steel portafilters - easy to clean and no more dirty group handles. Having stainless steel portafilters is something that all espresso machines should offer, but they don't. They are easier to clean, contribute towards you serving clean / taint free coffee and less maintenance.

      Design options:

      You can buy this machine in two different versions:

      This ABR version, which offers a system of a series of dosing modes via the LED screen, supported by built in scales into the drip tray, resulting in very accurate control, driving quality and managing workflow. But also as the Automatic (AV) version with 4 pre-programmable buttons per group, it's perfect for settings where programmed shots are required for consistency and reliability.

      Why buy from us?

      We are an actual approved La Marzocco partner, with advanced knowledge of their machines. When you buy with us, we will provide you with honest and straightforward information on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive. You can buy outright or purchase via lease to buy through our finance partner, allowing you to get the right machine for your business first time around without cutting corners.

      You get a FULL 2 years warranty of parts AND labour, which means that if anything goes wrong in the two years, you're covered without any issues. That means regardless of where you are located, we will have an approved engineer on hand to come to you when it suits you and resolve any issues you are having.

      You can download the product brochure for this machine HERE.

      La Marzocco equipment comes with a full 1 year parts & labour warranty with Machina. See our terms and conditions for further information

      For more information on price, terms, specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

      • Boilers: Separate boilers for A) Hot Water & Steam and B) Brew groups

      • Groups: Fully Saturated for thermal stability

      • Dual PID: Separate PID settings for brew and steam boilers

      • Core Controls: Front facing LED panel

      • Hot water economiser: Fine tuning of the hot water tap temp

      • Ruby flow restrictors: Resisting scale formation & erosion

      • Thermal stability system: Multiple point water temp stabilisation

      • Parts: Stainless steel portafilters & precision baskets

      • 24 Valve Electronics: New generation of electronics for improved reliability and machine diagnostics.

      • Easy rebuild steam valves: Engineered so the valve can be serviced. directly from the front of the machine without needed to be removed.

      • USB: Making it possible to update the firmware.

      • Dimmable Barista Lights: 3-stage customisable intensity led lights for Eco, On and Brewing modes. (AV & ABR versions only)

      • Eco Mode: Can be programmed to enter stand-by mode, improving energy efficiency.

      • Controls: Digital display (Automatic, Semi-Auto or ABR)

      • Pro Touch steam wands: High performance, cool to touch steam wands

      • Integrated Scales: Adding further built in precision (ABR version only)

      • Cup warmer: Maintain espresso and cappuccino cups evenly heated at a proper temperature.

      • High legs version (For take away): Making it easier to access beneath the machines groups.

      • Personalised colour (RAL): Customisable colours based on the RAL colour system, on request.

      • Groups: 2, 3 or 4

      • Dimensions HWD cm: 2-Groups - 47 x 77 x 64. 3-Groups 47 x 97 x 64. 4-Groups 47 x 121 x 64.

      • Weight KG: 2-Groups - 70. 3-Groups - 91. 4-Groups - 120.

      • Voltage: 200v Single Phase, 220v Single / 3 Phase. 380v 3 Phase.

      • Wattage Elements MIN: 2-Groups - 3730. 3-Groups - 4930. 4-Groups - 6725

      • Wattage Elements MAX: 2-Groups - 5445. 3-Groups - 7240. 4-Groups - 89470

      • Coffee Boiler Capacity L: 2-Groups - 2x1.3L. 3-Groups - 3x1.3L. 4-Groups - 2 x 3.4L

      • Steam Boiler Capacity L: 2-Groups - 7L. 3-Groups - 11L. 4-Groups - 2 x 15L

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    La Marzocco need no introduction

    La Marzocco need no introduction

    Widely regarded as one of the most respected and innovative brands in the coffee industry, we are proud to have been an official La Marzocco reseller for many years now. Learn More.

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