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"As we're just getting into the wonderful world of coffee, the inevitable purchase was extremely daunting. Steve was very happy to arrange to meet with us and spent a few hours going through everything from manufacturer backgrounds to pros and cons of the various technologies and brands. The extensive due diligence carried out by them on what is stocked is exactly why we were happy to trust their information and the products available.

Steve quickly honed in on our needs and wants and guided us towards what we believe to be the correct decision - Expobar Office Leva dual boiler and Eureka Minion grinder - with honest and fully referenced advice along the way.

Not only was this experience a pleasure, we have no doubt that Machina Espresso will be on hand to assist and support our purchase (and new hobby) in the future. We look forward to dealing with them again soon, and for years to come."
Marty and Dawn (and Izzy, aged 7 months) Mellis-Fox, Glasgow


"The guys from Machina were prepared to spend loads of time to make sure I got the right purchase for my needs, even trying to sell me the cheaper machine at one point!

In the end I bought a Expobar Office Leva Dual Boiler, which has a PID temp controller to maintain boiler, although the non-PID Expobar Leva Office HX machine has almost as good temp control due to the quality of the E61 group. I’m sure Machina Espresso will do well, as they have a clear enthusiasm and drive for what they do. I wish them well."

Derrick Matheson - Perthshire


"Enthusiastic but not pushy, and didn't try to sell me more than I needed. Machina organised a complete package for me and phoned a few days after delivery to check all was well. I did my homework, settled on Machina Espresso, and am happy I made the right choice."
Adam Oliver - Somerset


"I was hugely grateful for the patient service Steve offered me, answering my questions, reassuring me, advising me where I was unsure and more than happy to offer personal opinions on the machines on offer. I never felt pressured, and he was only too willing to wait for me to be completely ready. As an espresso machine novice he was very straight forward to deal with, and didn't bamboozle me with jargon, making the whole purchase very easy.

He offered me excellent advice on setting up the espresso machine and when it arrived (very promptly) everything had been carefully packaged so arrived in tip-top condition. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Machina Espresso, and will certainly buy from them again (although perhaps once my wallet has recovered a little!)."
Matthew Wyatt - Huddersfield


"Just a quick shout out for Michael at Machina Espresso. I was after a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione and he couldn't have been more helpful. The machine arrived yesterday and it's a beauty! Great and friendly service and will definitely use again."
Steve Fuller - Tunbridge Wells


"During my search for the machine to help me create a perfect latte at home, I ended up chatting with Steve at Machina Espresso. It soon became apparent he had just the machine I was after, and not only was he offering to send it to me very quickly, they’d bench-test the passionately-built Italian machine to ensure it is setup perfectly. 48 hours later I’m now writing this with a warm cup of home-made latte in my hand and a big smile on my face. Impressed by the quality of your service!"
Paavo Siljamäki - St Albans


"It was amazing good fortune having discovered your wee cafe/shop while visiting my daughter.

I have had an immensely enjoyable time learning the art of making a good cup of coffee with my Expobar. I feel like royalty, and so privileged to own my machine - and as for drinking the cups of coffee that it produces I'm on cloud 9."
Kevin, South Lanarkshire

[pictured: Kevin's coffee set-up]

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