Rocket Espresso Giotto Cronometro Type R Coffee Machine


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    PID, Touch Screen, Dual Pressure Gauges & Shot Timer


    2 year back to base warranty

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    The Cronometro Giotto Type R - The second step into Rockets premium HX range

    The Cronometro Giotto Type R - The second step into Rockets premium HX range

    More feature rich than the Appartamento, the Cronometro Giotto R comes housed in larger shaped and heavier body. Featuring a metal cup frame, temperature control technology, built-in digital shot timer for different coffee types and dual gauges for the boiler and group head pressures. The 'R' stands for Rotary Pump.

    Designed to produce artisan quality coffee. It's a classic Italian designed espresso machine, constructed from steel and finished in chrome.

    Rocket machines are known as pro-sumer, delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.

    Dual Gauges for Boiler & Group Pressures

    Front facing digital shot timer

    Large cup tray with minimal surround

    Auto power off when reservoir is running low, protecting your boiler

    Rotary Pump

    E61 Group head providing solid thermal mass for perfect espresso extraction

    • Buying a Rocket in the UK

      If you are buying a Rocket in the UK, there are many options, but there are actually only three official distributors. Yes you can buy them for cheaper elsewhere, but you do so at your own risk.

      1. Lower prices usually means that the reseller has cut costs elsewhere, like UK plugs, full warranties and maybe cheap shipping.

      2. If you do choose to buy from an unofficial source to save money on the initial cost, if anything does go wrong and you need official warranty cover, you can only get it from an official Rocket partner, who only provide this service for their own sales - not others.

    • Why buy from Machina?

      1. We have been a Rocket partner for 10 years now, so we have in-depth knowledge and can advise you honestly. We are the longest running official Rocket partner in the UK.

      2. We hold stock in the UK and don't drop ship from abroad which often results in damage. 

      3. We offer approved 2-year warranties that we honour in full. We even hold parts to make any repairs etc fast for you.

      4. We retest each machine before it's shipped to you, as machines from Italy often generate problems having been in transit.

      5. We are an independent UK speciality coffee roastery, with a pedigree in both coffee and equipment and a rich understanding of how to help our customers get the very best tasting coffee from these machines. 

    • Description 

      This unit

      This unit is an ex demo machine that was returned due to a small amount of damage to the body. It is not perfect, shows signs of use and has two slight visual imperfections. That said, it has been fully rebuilt and tested, it is functioning perfectly and comes with a full 2 year warranty. We highly recommend coming to see this machine in person before buying it.

      What is the Cronometro Giotto R?

      Rocket are the market leader for premium grade domestic espresso machines, designed to produce artisan quality coffee for the home or office. They are classic Italian design espresso machines, constructed from steel and finished in chrome. Rocket machines are known as pro-sumer (commercial grade for domestic use), delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level. Handmade in Milan, these E61 manual lever machines combine stylish minimalist design and great temperature stability for perfect espresso.

      What is the Rocket Cronometro Type R?

      The Cronometro Giotto Type R (2020) - HX (Heat Exchanger) is Rocket’s mid range domestic machine; a little more feature rich than the Appartamento model. It's an HX (Heat Exchanger), but comes housed in a slightly larger body, has a metal cup frame, includes a front facing shot timer and dual gauges for boiler and group head pressures.

      Who is it suited to?

      The Cronometro R is really geared towards people wanting to drink great coffee in the home or office, but want a little more than the basic compact machine. It's aimed at those wanting to replicate cafe-quality coffee, that are not limited by the additional height (It's small but it matters). If you are looking to upgrade from the likes of a Sage, Gaggia Classic, Di-Longhi or similar, this is an excellent choice and will deliver much (MUCH) better results.

      How does it differ from the other Cronometro models?

      This version is for the Giotto design, which is the diamond sides design. The 'R' stands for Rotary Pump, while the other lower priced model is the 'V' which is the Vibration Pump version. Finally, the 'R' version only has an internal reservoir and the ability to connect to a mains water connection.

      How is it better than what I have already?

      It's an HX (Heat Exchanger), which means it's a huge jump up in quality from the likes of a Gaggia Classic, Rancilio Silvia, Dualit, Di-Longhi etc. All these machines are single boiler 'cycle' machines, so they suffer from poor temperature and pressure stability - essential for brewing good espresso. The HX design supports excellent temperature & pressure, so it can brew espresso and steam milk accurately and at the same time without missing a beat.

      The design is further enhanced by the E61 group head, which is the large curved piece of metal at the front of the machine (weighing approx 5.1KG), which is what drives it's solid temperature stability. Together, the HX boiler and E61 group help deliver rich, silky espresso that is much higher in quality than any cycle machine.

      What is the build quality like?

      The Cronometro is built like a tank. It weighs around 28KG, so it's reassuringly heavy. The unit is housed around a sold stainless steel chassis, so it's very stable. The attention to detail is exceptional, with excellent finish both inside and outside the machine. It has beautiful clean lines across it's production, which give it a luxury feel.

      How do I use it?

      Once the water reservoir is filled up, it takes around 12 mins to get fully up to temperature (20 if you want to see full heat transfer across the entire machine). It's a manual activated machine, meaning you have to manually pull the lever up to start the shot and down to end it. It's also a stand alone machine, so you need a separate grinder to run alongside it (See HERE). It has separate (cool to touch) steam wand for steaming milk and hot water tap for topping up black coffees.

      What do I get included?

      Inside the box you will also find: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets, high quality Rocket metal tamper, micro-fibre cloth, group cleaning brush and training / manual CD.

      The Cronometro Type R (2020) - HX comes with a 2 year back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information.

      For more information on specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

      Brew Group: Commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group (4.05kg)

      Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter

      Pre-Infusion: Dual pre-infusion delivered via the thermo siphon E61

      Steam Wand: Cool to touch (anti-burn) stainless steel wand

      Hot Water Tap: Separate hot water tap

      Gauges: Pump and boiler pressure

      Boilers: 1.8L insulated pure (Cu 99.9%) copper (with brass end plates)

      PID: Yes

      Shot timer: Yes

      Pump: Rotary pump

      Internal water reservoir: 2.5L removable internal water reservoir

      Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel

      Cup tray: Large cup tray with minimal surround

      Drip Tray: Large stainless steel drip tray

      Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (1200w / 220v)

      Water connections: Internal reservoir and mains connection

      Weight: 27.8 kg

      Dimensions: 335mm Width x 420mm Depth x 400mm Height

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    About Rocket Espresso

    About Rocket Espresso

    Based in Milan, Rocket Espresso are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

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