Official La Marzocco partner status announced...

New Machina partnership with La Marzocco:

We’re delighted to announce that we are now official La Marzocco partners. I have been a big fan of their espresso machines for a long time using them in all our locations.

Why are they so great? Well, having recently visited their factory in Florence, I can give you plenty of reasons…

Hand built with precision:

La Marzocco are not a scale production house. They make around 15,000 machines per year - hardly the Ford of the espresso machine world. From walking round the factory, it's clear a huge amount of time and detail is taken on every unit.

From boiler assembly or chassis construction through to pressure testing and wiring, all the stages are meticulously put together. Their attention to process, detail and quality all play their part, resulting in machines that have gone through endless levels of checks and tests, ensuring your machine is as solid as possible before leaving the factory.

Testing = reliability:

I love the reliability of La Marzocco machines and their stringent testing shows how they achieve such good results. One example is the many tests the components undergo is when they put very high level of pressure through each boiler (much higher than it would normally experience) to see how it behaves. If it fails, instead of trying to find the fault or attempt a repair, it is removed from the production line completely.

In addition to this, each boiler that passes gets marked with a pass code and is placed back on the unit in an exact position so that the logos align perfectly. OCD? Quite possibly, but this shapes their approach and ethos as a business, and ultimately produces great results.

History of innovation:

Part of my tour included getting to see some classic machines, where they had early models of GS3’s, Linea’s and even an early Volcano grinder. Beginning back in 1927, La Marzocco we’re responsible for some major innovations within the industry. They invented espresso machines as we know them today, with boilers on their side and group heads on the front, so baristas could access the groups from the back and not the sides, making it easier to serve.


They were also responsible for creating the first multi boilers machines, identifying the need for separate boilers for steam / water and brewing coffee, an approach which was very much against the trend in Italy, where the primary focus was solely on espresso.

Style & Quality:

La Marzocco are stylish, timeless, exceptionally well built, and above all - are extremely reliable machines. From their classic Linea range, their iconic FB80 & GB5 machines and their high end Strada (Street) models, they build consistently beautiful equipment.

La Marzocco clearly put their heart and soul into what they do, so it's a pleasure to work with them. It gives us the confidence we need to recommend them to you, knowing that they will play a huge part in your business for years to come. 

Interested in La Marzocco for your business? Get in touch and and come in for a chat and a demo.