New Machina espresso bar and shop in Edinburgh

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be opening our first shop and café in the windy capital.  As you may have seen from our Facebook posts, we’re currently utilising all our (limited) DIY skills to create a welcoming space for Edinburgh coffee lovers.  Thankfully we’ve got some great friends and family who are willing to pitch in!

The last week has seen some real highs and lows; from scrubbing bike oil off the walls of the shop, to sampling a range of delicious cakes to serve (somebody’s got to do it).

We are aiming to open at the end of October – stay tuned for further announcements about the grand opening.

The coffee on offer will include two seasonal espresso blends, and a range of single origins served in Chemex. But besides serving great coffee – the new place will give folks the chance to see our grinders, espresso machines and other kit first hand, and to chat to the Machina team.  We also plan to run workshops, tasting sessions and training there too.

As ever, we’ll remain true to the mission we set out to achieve through the website: to make choosing and buying coffee gear, straightforward and enjoyable – but now we’ll get to meet more coffee fans in person. We're all looking forward to good times in the shop.