What's On in the Cafe - June 2016

Group Training Class – Brew Methods

Learn to brew delicious filter coffee. We’ll cover different ways of getting the most from your beans. Methods include Chemex, V60 and AeroPress.

You’ll have the chance to try each method and we’ll spend time talking about grind settings, weights & ratios, pouring techniques and fine tuning by taste.

Attendees get 10% off beans and brewing equipment on the night.

Book your space for filter coffee methods here


New Artwork Display – Twisted Eye Design & Illustration

Our latest artwork display is by one of our own baristas, Kristina Mickute.

Twisted Eye Design & Illustration - Kristina Mickute

Kristina is an Edinburgh Napier Interior Architecture graduate, and her works are really detailed and intriguing. They fit our new space extremely well, so please make sure you pop by for a coffee and have a browse round the walls while you’re at it!

Twisted Eye Design & Illustration


Upcoming Coffees

We love changing up our coffee offerings at Machina. Not just for our own enjoyment but because we love sharing excellent coffee with you all.

Our next coffee going on for espresso will be:

Brazil Bahai Sitio Tanque from The Barn, Berlin
This is a pulped natural Brazil, grown at 1300 MASL (metres above sea level), and tastes like toffee, nectarines and candy. The mouthfeel is very creamy, and it has a lovely soft acidity.

E1 Seasonal Espresso from Clifton Coffee Roasters, Bristol
This is a medium roast. Lovely, bright acidity with notes of citrus fruit and blackberry and a chocolate finish.


Made by Knock Feldgrind – Back in Stock!

Made by Knock FeldgrindIt's no secret that we’re fans of the Feld, so we like to sing about it when we get more stock of this awesome hand grinder.

They seem to disappear almost as quickly as we get them, so if you’re considering an upgrade to your old spice mill or electric blade grinder, we know of a manual hand grinder that can hold its own next to some electric grinders costing 5 times as much!

Come have a look at one in the cafe or buy the Feldgrind online.