Kit Review - Eureka Mignon MK11

Our initial Eureka Mignon MK11 review is well over for years old. As it's one of our most popular pieces of kit, read on to find out why we like it so much. Altenatively, check out our more up to date Eureka Mignon v3 review.

We’re still super excited to stock these grinders, and are happy to recommend them to our domestic buyers looking to make high quality espresso at home with a machine that is built to last.

Why we (still) like it

We are an official Eureka distributor, and have used many of their commercial units. They are OK but other grinders at similar price points often outshine them.

When it comes to domestic grinders however, the Mignon is hard to beat. RRP is £279, and for that price there is nothing we have found that comes close to surpassing it in quality.

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Who’s it for?

Any home user looking for a grinder capable of grinding fine enough for higher quality espresso machines, and wanting easy adjustment of settings and on demand grinding.

This is not the fastest grinder in the world, nor the quietest, but it is not uncomfortably loud or particularly slow considering its size and capacity.

Eureka Mignon Amaranth top angle view with dial

Grind retention

We find reasonable grind retention on the Mignon. There are a few little pockets that coffee grinds can find their way into, but we find this with all grinders to some degree.

Adjustment and controls

  • Stepless grind adjustment with easy to use dial
  • True on demand grinding trigger (option 1)
    • For those that prefer to do things by eye and / or use scales for exact weights.
  • Timed grinding function (option 2)
    • For those that want things time based before they get used to the process.

Eureka Mignon controls


~15s for 16-18g of coffee. This varies lots depending on grind setting and coffee bean density.

Build quality

The Eureka Mignon MK11 is made from cast steel and weighs in at an impressive 4.5kg, meaning that during use it does not wobble or wander away. It sits solidly on the countertop even when the portafilter is pressed against the trigger.

  • No plastic inside the device / burr set area, stopping any friction burning seen in cheaper devices.
  • Well thought out assembly without any unnecessary features.
  • Adjustable holder fork for varying types of porta-filter sizes.

Eureka Mignon Yellow side view


We know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect grind setting, which is why it is so good that the cleaning process on the Mignon does not affect your grind setting, as it is the bottom burr that adjusts when you turn the dial. On most grinders it is the top burr that moves, and it happens to be the top burr that has to be removed when cleaning.

The top burr is removed with 3 screws, and the front grind chute is removed with 1 screw, allowing access to the grind chamber from the front and the top. Get in there with a vacuum and a grinder cleaning brush and you’ll make light work of the cleaning process.

How does it compare?

The grinders that are most similar to the Mignon in features are the Mahlkonig Vario (£380), Baratza Virtuoso (£220) and the Compak K3 Touch (£349).

The only one of these to be close in price is the Baratza Virtuoso, but it doesn't come anywhere close in performance. The Virtuoso is a stepped grind adjustment and it can just about manage espresso. It definitely won’t grind fine enough for a light roast espresso, so that’s that.

The Mignon is stepless, on demand with timed dosing, easy to clean and makes dialing in coffee for espresso quite straightforward.

Tech Spec

Eureka Mignon Dark Green side angle
  • Burrs: 50mm flat steel burrs
  • Adjustment: Stepless
  • Motor: 1350rpm
  • Doser or On demand: On demand
  • Weight: 4.5kg