Bankilal, Mexico

    Sweet & Floral

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    Tasting Notes

    Almond, Cherry Blossom, Lychee

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    The Profile

    The Profile

    We have sourced this coffee from Ensambles, who work year-round with groups of small-scale growers in Mexico to develop and strengthen relationships in order to provide better opportunities for their producers, and better coffee for us to roast. Their work really shows as this is one of the best Mexican coffees that has ever come through our roastery.

    In the cup there is a surprising depth of flavour for how light the body is. Delicate floral notes are followed by juicy lychee acidity with a smooth and well rounded almond/frangipane note to finish.

    It's a fantastic example of what Mexican specialty coffee has to offer and we hope to see more like this in the future.

    Producer: Various Smallholders

    Region: Chiapas

    Varietal: Costa Rica, Maragogipe, Caturra

    Elevation: 1300 - 1500 MASL

    Recommended Brewing: Orea, Kalita, Chemex, Aeropress and Drip.

    Weight: 250g / 1kg

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    The Producers

    The Producers

    Los Altos de Chiapas is a region predominantly inhabited by Tzeltal indigenous communities, where the specialty coffee industry is in awe of the coffee grown in this region, favoured by the advantage of its elevated altitudes.

    This coffee bears the name Bankilal, inspired by an esteemed figure in Tzeltal culture. Bankilal symbolises the responsibility of the older sibling, who selflessly cares for the younger ones, prioritising the community's well-being above their own interests.

    • Wholesale

      We are always looking to work with likeminded businesses to serve our coffee.

      If you're interested in serving this locally roasted Edinburgh coffee as your main offering, a guest appearance or as bags of retail, get in touch with us on or call (0131) 656 9565.

    • Roasting Schedule

      Your coffee will be roasted within 1-16 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point at 12-36 days old). We recommend letting this coffee rest for at least 12 days before using, in order to release excess gas which can impact the flavour of your cup.

      If you would like your coffee fresh, please leave a note with your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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