Profitec PRO 300 Dual Boiler Coffee Machine


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    Semi Automatic

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    Dual Boiler

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    Semi-Automatic, Dual Boilers, PID, Shot Timer


    2 year back to base warranty

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    The best value Dual Boiler out there.

    The best value Dual Boiler out there.

    The PRO 300 is Profitec's first level Dual Boiler domestic machine, geared for use in the home or office.

    Designed to produce artisan quality coffee. It's a fusion of classic Italian design and German precision engineering constructed from polished stainless steel.

    A premium grade dual boiler espresso machine for under £1500, without cutting corners on quality. Profitec have delivered an exceptional machine that is proving very popular.

    Profitec machines are known as pro-sumer, delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.

    Shot timer (Built into the PID interface)

    Front facing PID, providing control over both the brew & steam temperatures.

    Reservoir water connection

    Auto power off when reservoir is running low, protecting your boiler

    Ability to run as a single boiler for espresso only (5 min heat up time)

    Ring Brew Group for perfect espresso extraction

    • Description

      Who are Profitec?

      Profitec are a division of ECM based in Hieldelberg, Germany, offering high grade German engineering at a very high standard.  We consider them to be the future go to brand for 2023.

      What is the Profitec PRO 300?

      The PRO 300 is Profitec's first dual boiler machine in their range, geared for use in the home or office, to produce artisan quality coffee.  It's compact, sleek in design and very powerful, constructed from steel and finished in chrome.

      In the market of professional domestic dual boilers, it delivers way beyond it's price.

      What are the key features?

      Semi automatic controls: This means that it's not a 'Leva' activated machine (The mini arm that you lift up) like most other Rocket's or Profitec's.  Instead it is controlled via two front facing boiler switches, making it a semi-automatic espresso machine

      Dual Boilers: It contains separate / dedicated boilers for brew / coffee boiler (Insulated brass) & hot water / steam (insulated stainless steel) which you can turn on/off independently.  This means stable temperatures and fantastic pressure in your steam wand.

      PID: It comes with a digital readout on the front of the machine that displays the exact temperature of both boilers - brew temperature & steam temperature. You can adjust this setting to your taste, with darker roasts needing a lower temp and lighter roasts needing a higher temp. When the machine is pouring espresso, it doubles as a shot timer showing the espresso brewing time

      Shot timer: It's PID doubles as a shot timer, so when you start your shot, it immediately goes into timer mode, displaying your time by the second.

      Steam arm & Hot water tap: It comes with dedicated steam and water outlets, both stainless steel manufactured to a very high quality.  Supported by a dedicated service boiler, the steam is powerful to a commercial grade.

      Dual use: Due to it's dual boiler technology, it can brew espresso and steam milk at the same time without dropping in power / pressure / quality.

      Ring brew group: The brew group is produced from high grade chrome plated brass. The stainless steel boiler is directly above it, and is actually connected to the group head, which means you get a very short, 5 minute heat-up time

      What is so special about it?

      Dual boilers are usually fairly expensive, as having dedicated two boilers, a PID and most other expected features usually pushes the price up a fair bit.  The next dual boiler in the Profitec range is £1695, while the R58 form Rocket is £2490.  The PRO 300 is a more digestible £1450, which is somewhat unheard of in espresso machines of this quality.

      How easy is it to use?

      The Profitec PRO 300 is a very easy machine to use. Due to it's separate boilers for brewing and steaming milk, it can be set to very precise temperatures making it easy to achieve great espresso shots with ease.

      Once you have your coffee prepared in your portafilter, you can start your shot by turning on your brew switch.  You can then monitor your shot time via the PID during the extraction.

      Switching to steaming milk is fast, by simply activating the steam switch.  Once done the PID displays the steam boiler pressure. Anything between 1.5-2 bars of pressure is adequate for milk texturing / steaming.

      What is the build quality like?

      All the machines in the Profitec range are built to a very high standard, and the PRO 300 is no exception.  It's very well produced, with clean lines, precise fittings and a beautiful layout of features and controls.

    • Why buy from us?

      We are an official Profitec dealership, providing genuine warranties. We carry all parts for repair / service and do all our own technical support in-house - not outsourced.

      We offer a fair and informative service, where we will guide you on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive.

      All machines are re-tested before they leave us, so that we know 100% that they are in perfect working and aesthetic condition when they reach you. Factory testing is good quality, but these machines come delivered in trucks from Milan to the UK, where they go through considerable movement along the way.

    • Profitec PRO 300 Warranty

      The Profitec PRO 300 (Dual Boiler) 2022 comes with a 2 year back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information. However you can pay for an additional 1 year cover as part of your purchase. 

      For more information on specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

      Brew Group: Commercial 58mm bronze E61 brew group (weighing 4.05kg).

      Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm made form chrome plated brass.

      Steam Wand: Stainless steel steam wand.

      Hot Water Tap: Separate stainless steel hot water tap.

      Gauges: Boiler pressure gauge.

      Boilers: Separate 0.325 l brass boiler / coffee boiler made of brass and 0.75L service / hot water boilers made of stainless steel / steel boilers, insulated boilers

      Pump: Domestic grade vibration pump

      PID: Front facing PID / PID-display brew providing control over both the brew and steam temperatures including shot timer.

      Water connection: 2.8l removable internal water reservoir with drip tray drainage.

      Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel.

      Cup tray: Stainless steel cover.

      Drip Tray: Stainless steel (Removable) drip tray.

      Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (2200w / 230v).

      Weight: 18kg.

      Dimensions WDH: 255 x 415 x 385 mm without portafilter
      255 x 475 x 385 mm with portafilter

      Accessories included: Single & dual portafilters, single, cleaning brush, double & blank baskets.

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    About Profitec

    About Profitec

    Based in Hieldelberg Germany, Profitec (Part of ECM) are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

    ECM / Profitec were part of the original company (ECM Italy) that ultimately became what is now known as Rocket Espresso Milano.

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