Nyabirongo, Uganda (Espresso)

    Sweet and citrusy

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    Tasting Notes

    Blood Orange, Toffee, Plum

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    The Profile

    The Profile

    Nyabirongo is a well-balanced, versatile regional lot from Uganda. There are over 2700 farmers from the area who bring their ripe cherries to the coffee station for processing. Regular turning of the cherries on raised beds enable them to dry slowly and for the full flavours to be absorbed into the coffee beans.

    It serves well both black and white, with gorgeous notes of sweet toffee and blood oranges. It's smooth with a well rounded citric acidity and stone fruit richness, the perfect brew for a crisp Spring morning.

    Producer: Various smallholders

    Region: Rwenzori

    Varietal: SL14 & SL28

    Elevation: 1300 - 1800 MASL

    Recommended Brewing: Espresso, Cafetiere, Stove Top, Aeropress and Drip Machine

    Weight: 250g/1kg

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    The Producers

    The Producers

    Nyabirongo is a small community where the Agri Evolve Coffee Station is to be found just outside the town of Kisinga. Many of the farmers live in the lower areas at 1300masl, and others live higher in the foothills up to 1600masl and above.

    Agri Evolve work closely with farmers in Uganda to achieve higher yields, better quality, and effective marketing in order to improve their productivity, income and profitability. We think this coffee is a great example of the growing reputation Uganda has for speciality grade coffee.

    • Wholesale

      We are always looking to work with likeminded businesses to serve our coffee.

      If you're interested in serving this locally roasted Edinburgh coffee as your main offering, a guest appearance or as bags of retail, get in touch with us on roastery@machina-coffee.co.uk or call (0131) 656 9565.

    • Roasting Schedule

      Your coffee will be roasted within 1-16 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point at 12-36 days old). We recommend letting this coffee rest for at least 12 days before using, in order to release excess gas which can impact the flavour of your cup.

      If you would like your coffee fresh, please leave a note with your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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