Owned by Technivorm, Moccamaster produces some of the highest quality filter coffee machines around, perfect for coffee at home and at the office.

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Choose from our wide range of colours to suit any kitchen.

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UK Plugs Included

No adaptors needed, a UK plug comes as standard with all Moccamasters.

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Our Moccamaster KBG Review

Our Moccamaster KBG Review

While there are many other domestic coffee brewers out there, none offer the same build quality as that of the Moccamaster.

The KBG Select is the pick of the range, offering simple but precise low foot print coffee brewing that works perfectly for the home, office or even small volume cafes.

Read our review of the current KBG to see why we think it's still the best domestic filter coffee brewer out there.

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Single Origin Coffee - Perfect for the Moccamaster

Explore our range of delicious filter coffees perfect to use with any Moccamaster machine.