The Machina Coffee Roastery

We are proud to be one of Edinburgh's leading coffee roasteries and part of the rapidly growing independent Scottish coffee scene.

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A Grounded Approach

We founded Machina in 2013 for all the people who value high quality and sustainably sourced coffee, without the attitude or elitism.
Our coffee offering is both extensive and wide ranging, stretching from accessible espresso blends, to exceptional single-origin filters.

Each coffee is firmly rooted in our values and enhanced with our extensive practical knowledge of what goes into making a great cup of coffee, enriched by our expertise in both coffee equipment and running cafes.

We like to think this gives us a unique perspective, enabling us to provide coffee for a range of pallets and tastes.

At Machina we are proud to offer something for everyone.

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  • How we source coffees

    How we source coffees

    We source a wide range of green coffee from a diverse selection of origins. Whether up and coming coffee destinations or more traditional coffee growing origins who are changing the status quo.

    We look for coffees and farmers where the focus is quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers.

    In tandem with this, we only source from suppliers where we know for certain that the supply chain is completely transparent. Meaning that the coffee only comes from farms who adhere to the very highest of ethical and sustainable practices.

    When we find a coffee that we love, we take the time to enhance the roast profile to bring out the best flavour characteristics. We constantly develop our seasonal espresso blends and single origin offers in line with the best crops from each season.

    Direct Sourcing

SCA Grade 82+ or above

All our coffees are speciality grade, ranking 82+ or more on the Speciality Coffee Scale

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced

We only source coffees that are 100% traceable back to origin.

Roasted locally in Edinburgh

We roast every single Machina Coffee by hand at our Edinburgh Roastery in Peffermill.

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Our Roastery Team

Our Roastery Team

The Machina Coffee Roastery is based in Edinburgh's Peffermill. With two Probat roasters at its centre, the space also features a Quality Control Lab, a Training Room plus an Equipment and Sevice space.

Our current Roastery team are a super talented bunch of 11 people, covering roasting and sourcing, plus logistics, operations, sales, marketing and all our deliveries across Edinburgh.

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