We are a speciality coffee roastery based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Roasting on a traditional Probat drum roaster, focusing on quality over quantity. We supply a string of businesses, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, tech companies and architecture firms - all with quality being key in their approach.

The majority of our wholesale customers are based in central Scotland, but we have our coffee served in various other locations including London, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and even Ibiza.

Location, location, location

Not in Edinburgh? That's OK. We love working with great people, regardless of their location. We will travel to you, for both start up and throughout our working relationship. We respect all coffee customers in the same way, whether you are a local speciality coffee bar, or a London based restaurant.

The team

The roastery is run by Machina founder Steve Glencross. The roasting team consists of Dan Todd & Ian Thel, supported by our marketing team Anna Gilfillan & Kate Johnston and operations manager Michael McCracken.  Between them they source, test, roast and distribute the roasteries output.

The coffee

Sourcing green beans from some of the best coffee importers from around the world, we carefully select beans based on their quality and profile.  We ensure that all coffees are traceable and ethically sourced with farm sustainability and practices also being of high importance. Our long term goal is to source the majority of our roasteries coffee, developing direct trade relationships, whenever possible.


As well as supplying to other businesses, we also have two coffee bars of our own in Edinburgh.  This allows us to create a feedback loop between our cafes and the roastery, which has proven to be of huge value. Our baristas track the quality of our coffees on a daily basis, feeding back specific information on how each batch of coffee is performing. This allows us to create a constant push for improved quality, adjusting and fine tuning our roasting to create a consistently better cup of coffee for all of our customers.

In addition to the above, we run a full day of quality control every week, rain or shine. This allows us to constantly review our roasts, tweak our roasting profiles and create a cycle of ongoing improvement. We find having a dedicated day to work on QC is key to maintaining great standards. 

Wholesale coffee

We work with partners to help them to create an outstanding experience for their customers. We do this by providing training, support and guidance on all aspects of coffee preparation. If you have an existing business or are starting a new venture, we'd love to hear from you. 

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Where to find our coffees

You can try our coffees in both our Edinburgh cafes. If you're looking for coffee to make at home, we stock our range of beans in 250g bags. After ground coffee? Just ask our baristas to grind it for you based on your brewing method & equipment.

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