IMS - Ridgeless Filter Basket - 58mm (16-20g) B702TCH26E

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    This is an IMS 26E 'Ridgeless' basket with, designed to fit a 58-58.4 tamper. It fits all standard 58mm portafilters.

    It has a height of 26mm, meaning it is designed to fit between 16-20g of coffee, depending on your coffee and grind size.

    These baskets are geared towards optimising extraction rates, though a combination of precision / laser etcheD holes and ridgeless walls, allowing you to tamp deeper, house more coffee and not be restricted by the traditional ridged walls of normal baskets.


    SHAPE Border: Ø 70 mm (B70) (H26) CORPO: Ø 60 mm for Ø 58 mm tamper RIDGE: RIDGE: RIDGE: Ridgeless SHAPE: Cylindrical with Convex Bottom The shape was created by I.M.S. to obtain the proper ratio between the base and height of the coffee puck in relation to capacity. The filter is cylindrical with a convex bottom to collect the coffee towards the centre during percolation. This shape has been designed to exploit the whole coffee puck, which also facilitates drying and expulsion.


    I.M.S. perforation is exclusive and patented PERFORATED AREA: Ø 49 mm area optimised in relation to the shape of the filter. NUMBER OF HOLES: 715 HE spacing (E) The number and distribution of the perforations are designed to balance the delivery in relation to the height and shape of the filter and perforated area. HOLE DIAMETER: 0.30 mm SHAPE OF THE HOLE: CIRCULAR with CONICAL cross section. COMPETITION PERFORATION: Re-laminated and Recalibrated.


    TUMBLING: Wet vibro finishing with ceramic inserts and drying with corncob PICKLING: Passivation and preparing of the material ELECTROPOLISHING: smooth surface with unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating qualities is obtained.


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  • Technical Info

    Volume: 16-20g

    Depth: 26mm

    Base: Convex

    Material: Stainless Steel

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