BWT - Bestmax Premium - Filter Cartridge - Size XL


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    • Description

      BWT BestMax PREMIUM with its AromaPLUS formula is an innovative filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector.

      Scale defence, with unique magnesium enrichment.

      A ground-breaking innovation, BWT BestMax PREMIUM adds minerals to the water using the flavour carrier Mg2+ to achieve the full taste of coffee, tea or cocoa. Mg2+-enriched water can be enjoyed on its own, as it is particle-free and odourless, and its balanced mineral content makes it a pleasant-tasting drink.

      BWT’s BestMax PREMIUM filter balances the minerals in the water, buffers the pH value and produces a firm espresso crema.

      Who's it suitable for?

      This style of filter cartridge is for areas that DO have hard water (such as London) and require a filtration solution that actually adds extra nutrients to your water, and not just filter it (Like the standard BestMax).

      This size is suited to location serving a max of 200 drinks per day across coffee, tea, filtered water etc.

    • Benefits at a glance

      • PREMIUM taste filtration system for water optimisation in the food service sector
      • Reliable limescale protection and high sensory water quality
      • Balanced mineral content thanks to patented Mg2+ technology
      • 5-stage filtration for maximum effectiveness
      • Perfect water for all hot drinks and a pleasant-tasting cold drink
    • Use and adjustment

      The filter system consists of a filter cartridge with a BWT best head filter head that is screwed on. The blend partial flow (0–3) is set on the filter head depending on the water hardness and requirement. Check valves in the filter head prevent back flow and uncontrolled water discharge. BWT bestmax PREMIUM food-safe filter systems are pressure resistant and safe. They can be used worldwide in any drinking water system.

    • Technical Info

      • Included: Cartridge only.
      • Excluded: Does not include Filter Head, Best Flush or piping for connections.
      • Weight: 5KG
      • Capacity: 2785 Litres
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