Pallo - Coffee Tool - Replacement Bristles - 3 Pack
£12.95 (Includes VAT)


A clean machine means clean coffee. Coffeetool is a better, smarter way to clean your espresso machine group heads and prevent the build up of rancid oils.

Unlike other grouphead brushes, its patented design features an ergonomic handle and unique water deflector fins to keep scalding hot water from reaching your hand while cleaning the espresso machine group head. Also features on-board dosing spoon to measure the appropriate amount of cleaning detergent and the steam tube vent poker unclogs blocked vent holes.

This listing is for a replacement 3 pack of Pallo Coffee Tool Bristles.

    • Brand: Pallo
    • Compatibility: Use with Pallo Coffee Tool Group Head Cleaning Brush
    • Size: 3 pack
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