Cafelat - Replacement Brushes - 3 Pairs
£10.50 (Includes VAT)

A clean machine means clean coffee.

This Cafelat group head cleaning brush has a unique design which allows the brush to be fitted into the coffee machine group head like a portafilter.  This brush allows cleaning to occur in the grooves of the group head, essential for a thorough clean.

The brush itself is a simple but well made device, produced from hardened black plastic. The brushes are hard and flexible but not abrasive, which works really well when cleaning metals. Every box comes with one replacement brush (1 x pair).

This listing is for 3 x pairs of replacement brushes.

    • Brand: Cafelat 
    • Compatibilty: Use with the Cafelat group head cleaning brush (58MM)
    • Size: 3 x pairs of brushes per pack
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