Wholesale partnerships


We are always on the lookout for great businesses to work with, whether that is as wholesale coffee on an exclusive 'house espresso' basis, guest accounts or office / business supply.

We are not exclusive to working with just speciality coffee businesses, and welcome contact from any business simply looking to serve great quality, ethically sourced coffee supported by a friendly service.

We are based in Edinburgh, but love working with businesses across the UK and further afield.


If you are local, we can provide you with a sustainable and reduced waste coffee service, by delivering all your coffee in reusable tubs, customised with a one way valve to maintain freshness.

Doing deliveries in person really helps maintain not just a good supply, but also regular contact and a great working relationship.

Seeing you weekly in person allows us to address any small issues you may be having with equipment or training quickly.


If you are out with Edinburgh and Lothians we can provide you with coffee in our 250g (retail) and 1KG (wholesale) bags.  We ship everything with either Parcelforce (UK) and DHL (International) with fully cleared customs paperwork, removing any hassle from purchasing.


If you are based in the UK or Ireland, we offer both lease to buy and traditional leasing on commercial equipment. In either scenario, it gives you access to the best equipment possible without you needing to compromise, or part with the large sums required to purchase the right equipment.


Based on the volume of of coffee you use each week, you get a scaled discount on the equipment & service you receive. In short, if you use 30KG per week at your location, all your equipment & service is 100% free. *T&Cs apply.

We even offer fully customised La Marzocco espresso machines in a range of colours to suit your colour scheme. Like this one:



You purchase the equipment via third party finance through ourselves, where you own the equipment outright. This method avoids the huge barrier of the initial financial outlay, replaced by fixed monthly payments, but you still own the equipment.

All payments are deductible from corporation taxes and the associated VAT can be offset against quarterly VAT returns. Keeping key capital within your company in the early stages, so Lease to Buy is a great option to take if structured and managed correctly.


So long as you are using our coffee, you rent the equipment from us at a scaled discount.  Again, this method avoids the huge barrier of the initial financial outlay, replaced by fixed monthly payments. It also has the additional benefit of including all service, so you are 100% covered for the duration of your agreement with us.

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