Thoughtfully Sourced Coffee

We source, sample and roast the very best coffee we can find from around the globe, based on 3 core values:

1. Supplier Transparency

We only work with suppliers that we have strong relationships with, that we know source coffee with positive ethics in mind.  This means they actually know where the coffee comes from, whether a fair price was paid for it and what is being done at origin to improve both coffee quality and the livelihoods of those involved in the supply chain.

 2. Product Quality

We source coffee based on quality of taste, not just brand or reputation. If a coffee tastes good, we buy it - regardless of how cool or on trend a supplier or brand is.  Coffee quality is present across a range of price points, so for us it's not just about buying high end specialty lots that score 86+, it's also about buying broader appeal coffee that can be enjoyed by everyone, so long as the product is high quality and equally transparent in supply.

 3. Championing Collectives & Co-ops to support smaller farms

Where possible, we buy coffee from collectives and / or Co-ops. This is because in many cases, those involved in either supplier group are usually too small to produce and export their coffee themselves, so need to work together to achieve this.  Further, more often than not, these are the coffee farmers who need support, so these coffees represent supply channels where we can actually add positive value from a socio and economic viewpoint.


More than just Fair Trade - Learn how we ensure all our coffee is ethically sourced and traceable to the very highest level here:

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La Union: A Case Study

An example of this can be seen in the Colombian Coffee we offer called La Union. This coffee is produced by a group of smallholders living in and around the small municipality of La Unión in Nariño and comprises coffees from 12 member farms. Individually they are not well equipped to sell coffee alone, due to lack of finance, equipment and network. However, collectively they have formed an alliance that benefits them all, allowing them to sell and export their coffee and generate the income they need to progress as a community. We are incredibly proud to be able to support them and buy this great tasting coffee.



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