Our Coffee Ethics

All our coffee sourcing is done in partnership with a select group of suppliers, who have been involved in the coffee industry for many years. They all follow the same path when it comes to Ethics and Fair Trade.

Fair Trade itself is a brand that has become recognised with fairness, supporting
transparency around the distribution of income through product sourcing and supply.

Whilst Fair Trade is a recognised brand that acts as a formal trademark that many operate under, there are many businesses segments and industries that actually perform Fair Trade practices without this official label, with specialty coffee being a prime example.

The Fair Trade structure and level of transparency within the speciality coffee industry is unique, in that our sector is defined by this very subject. All our coffee suppliers not only source and supply coffee, but also develop grass roots relationships with coffee farmers, washing stations and processing mills at origin. Further, they invest in their infrastructure, support their plans for development and help them improve the lives of those involved at each stage of the supply chain.

In many cases they actually develop strong personal connections and friendships with the farmers and washing stations, that often go beyond the norms of a traditional business relationship. We encourage this, and are proud to be associated with this structure, which drives a number of key benefits across fair trade, quality and innovation.

In conclusion, specialty coffee goes beyond the traditional structure of Fair Trade, building collaborative supply chains for mutual profit and positive social impact. Machina Coffee Roasters are proud to be part of this structure of progressive Fair Trade practices.