More than just Fair Trade...

We are incredibly proud to be part of the speciality coffee industry and it's progressive and pioneering attitude towards fair trade practices and ethical sourcing.

Interestingly, whilst the fair trade brand and trademark is synonymous with many other aspects of the wider coffee industry, the speciality coffee industry is unique in that it operates outwith this offical accreditation and yet goes much further in it's commitment to improving the lives of those who grow the coffee at origin.

Using the right suppliers who can effect constructive change

 Like many of our contemporaries with a similar focus, we only work with coffee suppliers who not only source and supply exceptional coffee, but also develop grass roots relationships with coffee farmers, washing stations and processing mills at origin.

We believe the particular group of suppliers that we use are uniquely placed to provide vital investment into infrastructure, support plans for development and help them improve the lives of those involved at each stage of the supply chain. In many cases they actually develop strong personal connections and friendships with the farmers and washing stations, that often go beyond the norms of a traditional business relationship. 

Leveraging their expertise at a local level

Our aim is to work closely with these suppliers, as part of a constant communication loop, utilising their vast local expertise and leverage to source the best coffee in accordance with our values. Seeking to keep our own carbon footprint down, we only visit farms direct if we feel the profile we can lend along with the volume of coffee we can source would be directly beneficial to those farmers.


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