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La Marzocco are a brand that everyone recognises as both market leaders and innovators in the coffee industry. Pioneers of the espresso world, La Marzocco produce equipment that is elegant, stylish, timeless, exceptionally well built and above all - are extremely reliable.  We have been long time admirers of their machines ever since we began, and officially became an approved reseller around 3 years ago. La Marzocco will provide you with the ultimate machine that will last you a life time, give you very little hassle, is very well supported and, should you ever wish to trade, will deliver you a very good resale value. We stock an extensive range of both domestic La Marzocco coffee machines and commercial machines. 

Rocket are the market leader for premium grade domestic espresso machines. Specifically designed to produce artisan quality coffee for the home or office, they combine classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology. Each machine is handmade in Milan, constructed from steel and finished in chrome.

We are extremely proud to have been working with Rocket ever since we began Machina back in 2013 and they have become an integral part of our business over the years, with us know in the enviable position of being one of the leading UK suppliers for this brand. Find out more about our Rocket coffee machines.

Hailing from the beautiful Italian city of Firenze, Eureka have been hand producing a fantastic range of coffee grinders for many years and continue to follow a model that has served them well. Whilst not necessarily carrying the same swagger as the likes of Victoria Arduino or Mazzer in the UK speciality scene, they sit quietly in the background producing machines of indisputable quality and longevity. We having been working with Eureka for over 8 years now and stock a range of Eureka's commercial and domestic machines, with the Eureka Mignon being one of our best sellers. Find out more about our Eureka coffee grinders and check out our Eureka Mignon review.

Of all the brands to release premium coffee equipment, Fellow are one of the leaders for both innovation and quality, sitting confidently next to the likes of Acaia and Technivorm. With a portfolio of intuitively-designed coffee and tea brewing products, they have gone on to produce some of the best coffee accessories on the market including the new EKG Precision Electric Kettle, the Raven Tea Steeper and the Clyde Stovetop Kettle. See our full Fellow range here.
Acaia are the best coffee scale brand out there - fact. We have tried out lots of other brands and have never found anything as good.  Acaia say they believe the future of coffee brewing equipment involves seamless software & hardware integration, quality service, and beautiful design. Quality is the key to all their products and their service model, with all their products incorporating high-quality components that are rooted in laboratory scale technology. Whilst far from being the cheapest product on the market they are completely waterproof and will always outlast many of their cheaper rivals. See our full Acaia range here.

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