Victoria Arduino Mythos Coffee Grinder - MY75 & MYG75


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    Options for dosing system

    You have the choice of timed or gravimetric (dose by weight)

    Improved maintenance design changes

    An update to the previous version offering easy access to the burrs and clump crusher

    Intuitive touch screen controls

    Easy to use access to 3 dose programs, languages, live mode and temp control

    Ultimate control over Clima Pro temerature

    You can now control the temperature from 30-50c countering environmental changes

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    Victoria Arduino - Mythos Grinder - MY75 (Timed & Gravi-Metric)

    Victoria Arduino - Mythos Grinder - MY75 (Timed & Gravi-Metric)

    Victoria Arduino release the latest version of the game changing and industry leading grinder - The Mythos One.

    What was already an amazing piece of technology, just got a massive upgrade and solidified VA's position as the market leader.

    This is the first version, with 75mm burrs for medium volume locations.

    75mm Flat Steel Burrs

    Time or weight based dosing

    Locked or Barista control settings

    Large double fans improving temperature control

    Low waste, due to accuracy of dosing, temperature and cleaning.

    Auto tare and predictive learning within the MYG75 (Gravimetric) version.

    • Description

      Mythos Grinders

      The original Mythos One was released in 2013 and set the standard for advanced espresso grinding, upping the game and expectations of high quality coffee businesses around the world.  Issues around consistency, distribution, volume and overheating were all vastly improved, which acted as a game changer to many people serious about espresso.

      Nine years on see's Nuova Simonelli AKA Victoria Arduino release the much anticipated Mythos MY range, which includes the standard 75mm and 85mm timed versions, alongside the 75mm and 85mm gravi-metric versions (grind by weight).

      This listing is for the 75mm version, with options for timed and gravi-metric dosing.

      Why buy a Mythos MY75 or MYG75?

      • It provides super high quality, precision espresso that is recognised on an International level within the coffee world.
      • It can grind espresso at approx 2.7-3.5g per second, so a 17g shot takes around 4.5 seconds, so extremely fast.
      • It offers an amazing level of temperature control via it's Clima Pro chamber, countering shifts in environmental temperature that impact grind consistency.  Have a cafe that gets either very hot or cold? This features helps you overcome this challenge.
      • It's easy to use and maintain, in terms of cleaning and maintenance.
      • It can be set up for both standard users and barista modes, so you can control the amount fo access users have over the unit.
      • It's system of working results in very low waste, due to it's on-demand dosing, temperature control and ease of use.

      What does the MY75G offer over the MY75?

      • It provides the option to grind by weight instead of by time (which you can turn on / off). This is a game changer for precision and high volume settings.
      • It operates a self learning system, that corrects dosing volumes as you go.
      • It auto tares once the portafilter has been inserted into the holder, ready for the coffee to be dosed.

      What has changed from the original Mythos One?

      • Both fans are now on the rear to allow grinders to sit side by side.
      • The hopper design has been changed, so that the beans fall backwards themselves, with the previous version needing manual intervention.
      • The cleaning process is now considerably easier, with there being just 2 large screws to remove to access the burr set.
      • The access to the club crusher has also been updated, with a similar 2 screw access to clean or replace it.
      • The Clima Pro temperature control has been updated from being fixed at 40c to adjustable from 30-60c.
      • The gravi-metric versions can hold 3 different settings for weight based grinding, accessible via the front facing touch screen.
      • The touch screen has been vastly upgraded, with a slicker and more premium finish. The buttons have improved sensitivity, and the menu options are intuitive. This includes options to turn the gravi-metric option on/off, change the heat level of the clima pro chamber, plus set up 3 different dosing programs.
      • The portafilter holder is now universal, so it can fit all brands including La Marzocco without the need for a separate fork.

      Who is is suitable for?

      • Businesses serving coffee in medium volume.
      • Businesses looking to achieve great consistency.
      • Speciality coffee businesses looking to further up their game.
      • Barista's looking to work with the best equipment possible.
      • Businesses looking to benefit form grind by weight technology.


      Victoria Arduino grinders come with a standard 1 year back to base warranty including parts and labour. *See terms and conditions for further information.

      For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

    • Technical Specification

      Burr Size: 75mm

      Burr Type: Titanium burrs

      Hopper size: 1.5kg

      Adjustment: Micro-mental stepless adjustment

      Programs: 3 programmable doses

      Doser / On Demand: On demand

      Portafilter Holder: Yes (Universal)

      • Controls: Touch screen display

      • Counters: Total & Partial

      Construction: Hardened steel

      Finish: White or Black

      Voltage: 230(50Hz) / 115V (60Hz)

      Power: 230/650Volts/Watts

      Weight: 23.8-24kg

      Dimensions WDH: 195x395x475mm

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    The next generation of Clima-Pro precision espresso grinding...

    The next generation of Clima-Pro precision espresso grinding...

    Ever since its conception in 2013 (Mythos One), the Mythos has continued to be the market leader in espresso grinders.

    The Mythos MY range takes the concept a stage further, addressing the demands of the coffee industry with technology driven solutions, housed in an evolving modern design aesthetic.

    The range has four versions across two different dosing approaches including MY75 (Timed), MyG75 (Weight), plus the MY85 (Timed), MyG85 (Weight) for more heavy weight use.