Rocket - Bottomless Portafilter - 58mm - Genuine

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      This is a 58mm bottomless (naked) portafilter, supplied direct from the Rocket Espresso facility in Milan. Naked portafilters are an excellent training tool, as it's a great way to monitor your espresso extraction, showing a clear visual of your shot, highlighting any distribution and tamping issues.

      As naked portafilters have no lower casing, they can accommodate much larger baskets, and therefore larger doses of coffee. They also look great in action.

      Please note: Due to the design of Rocket's version of the Bottomless Portafilter, you cannot fit the La Marzocco Strada baskets in it. They come with a generic triple shot basket fitted that is designed to fit this portafilter perfectly.

    • Technical Info

      Item weight: 538g

      Material: Steel

      Basket: Triple

    • Media

      We love this video of an espresso extraction from a bottomless portafilter from CoffeeGeek. Check it out to get an idea of how bottomless extractions work:

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