Wilfa - Uniform+ Coffee Grinder
£315.00 (Includes VAT)

The Uniform + grinder from Wilfa (Norway) is new on the market. It was developed between Wilfa & Tim Wendelboe - a man who knows coffee, and whose opinions are widely respected in the speciality coffee industry.

Wilfa first released the Svart, designed to compete with the Baratza Encore, which it beat hands down (faster, quieter and better grind), however the Svart was only ever designed to be a filter coffee grinder, not espresso.  Since then there has been an expectation for them to release an espresso grinder - hence the Uniform.

Is it any good?

If you are looking to buy a grinder mainly for espresso for an actual espresso machine, buy a Eureka Mignon (arguably the best domestic espresso grinder for sub £400) as the Uniform is not geared for using with a traditional setups / machines (Such as Gaggia Classic, Rocket, La Marzocco, Expobar, Di-Longhi etc). That said, if you are looking for a sleek & easy to use grinder for both filter and espresso (Such as the Moka Pot AKA Stove Top, Aeropress etc), it's a seriously good option.

How does it differ from the standard version?

It comes with very accurate built in scales. So, if you are serious about your coffee and work to very precise recipes, this may be the ultimate scale for both espresso and filter coffee.

Where does it win over the Mignon?

It's 58mm flat burrs mean it grinds faster than the Mignon. It also grinds for both filter and espresso and will prove to be (for some) easier to use and more simple for those without espresso machines, due to its pre-defined grind settings and less technical features.

Why is it better than the Svart?

It's much faster and can grind for espresso (The Svart cannot) and offers a much more uniform grind (due to its flat burr set). It's also much higher quality in terms of build, with a mainly stainless steel body.


Wilfa products come with a 5 year warranty. *See our terms and conditions for further information

For more information on specification and features, feel free to contact us.

  • Features:

    • Burr Size: 58mm
    • Burr Type: Steel flat burrs
    • Controls:  Stepped adjustment with 41 individual settings
    • Doser / On Demand: Chamber
    • Construction: Steel & Polycarbonate
    • Finish: Silver
    • Power: Standard UK 13amp connection (160 V) *Via adaptor
    • Weight: 4KG
    • Dimensions HD: 37.8 H x 20 D
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