Rocket - BOXER - 1 Group - Compact (Automatic)
Rocket - BOXER - 1 Group - Compact (Automatic) Rocket - BOXER - 1 Group - Compact (Automatic)
£3,495.00 (Includes VAT)
This is the Rocket Espresso BOXER compact espresso machine in a 1 Group.

What is the Boxer?

The Boxer is Rocket's compact commercial HX (Heat Exchanger) machine. It's the first line in their commercial range, but one that we regard very highly. It is arguably the best HX in the industry when balancing aesthetics, build quality and functionality. They are fully automatic with 4 programmable buttons for each group, have cool to touch steam wands, offer shot timers on each group and are housed in very sleek chrome finished steel bodies that look stunning, giving off the look of a much more costly machine.

Who is this machine right for?

If you are small - medium sized business with limited space; looking to serve coffee to a good standard at no more than 100 coffee per day, want something automatic where you are not manually starting and ending espresso shots and want something that really looks the part, the Boxer 1-Group is a pretty ideal choice.

You can get 1-Group machines for less, but they tend to be very cheap looking with plastic cases and poor quality / unnecessary features looking to add value where it's just not required. Rocket Boxers do things simply but reassuringly well. Looking for a high performance 1-group statement machine without breaking the bank? The Boxer could be just what you're looking for.

The Boxer is a great example of Rocket's simple and high effective style that deliver way and above their price point suggests.

  1. HX boiler design - a clever single boiler design that through the use of an HX coil, separates your water into two stable temperatures for brewing coffee and hot water / steam.
  2. Temperature control - Thermosyphon design
  3. Automatic control - allowing for pre-programmed espresso shots. Repeatability is key and the Boxer's auto volumetric programmed buttons offer this extremely well. Program as a group flush, single or double shot to any of the 4 buttons to suit your needs.
  4. Shot timers - Giving you a visual of your shot time during the process. Having your shot time shown on the same LED as your brew temp makes replicating shots and tweaking your recipe and technique even better than before.
  5. Cool touch steam wands - dual walled steam wands, making milk steaming easy and safe.
  6. Hot water optimiser - allowing you full control over the temperature of your hot water tap for tea and Americano's
  7. Auto cleaning cycles - pre-programmed cleaning cycles making the processing of end of day cleaning easy and less time intensive.
  8. Stainless steel body - beautifully finished stainless steel frame to AISI 304 standard.

Please note: The 1-Group version of this machine is built to order - expect a lead time of approximately 6 weeks.

Why buy from us?

We are an actual approved Rocket Espresso Milano partner, with advanced knowledge of their machines. When you buy with us, we will provide you with honest and straightforward information on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive. You can buy outright or purchase via lease to buy through our finance partner, allowing you to get the right machine for your business first time around without cutting corners.

You get a FULL 1 years warranty of parts AND labour, which means that if anything goes wrong in the first year, you're covered without any issues. That means regardless of where you are located, we will have an approved engineer on hand to come to you when it suits you and resolve any issues you are having.

You can download the product brochure for this machine HERE.

    Rocket equipment comes with a standard 1 year back to base warranty with Machina.  See our terms and conditions for further information

    For more information on specification and features, please contact us

      • Boiler: HX design offering temperature separation for brew and steam
      • Front facing control panel: Programmable group buttons (2 per group) plus a continuous pour button option (dual programming per button) and plus shot timers
      • Auto cleaning cycles: Digital programmable cycles via LED panel
      • Shot timers: Shot timers for each group built into the LED panel
      • Performance touch steam wands: (Dual walled / cool to touch)
      • Hot water optimiser - temp control over your hot water tap
      • Parts: Portafilters & baskets
      • High legs version (For take away)
      • 1 or 2 groups - see 2 group listing as required
      • Groups: 1
      • Dimensions HWD cm: 47.1 x 48 x 49.
      • Weight KG: 61kg.
      • Power: 2.3Kw / 2300w
      • Voltage: 220v Single
      • Boiler Capacity L:  8.3L