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    Modbar - Espresso System - EP - Single Tap (Inc Under-counter Boiler Unit)


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    Automatic / AV (Multi programmable) handle

    Boiler Design

    Under-counter Steam-Boiler

    Key Features

    Modular system showing only Tap & Steam Units


    2 years

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    An espresso machine (And Steam) like no other.

    An espresso machine (And Steam) like no other.

    Combining the vision of Modbar USA and the production quality and support of La Marzocco. The outcome is the best modular espresso bar system in the industry.

    Designed for high volumes coffee locations looking for premium quality product with a unique aesthetic. Great technology, clean lines, minimalist presence - resulting in a rock solid espresso system.

    Meet the Modbar. Espresso & Steam.

    Ideal for high-volume environments

    Precise temperature stability, the same as the Linea PB.

    Simple controls and multi-position programmable lever

    • Description

      For Modbar advice and pricing and wholesale coffee supply, get in touch on 0131 656 9565.

      This is the ModBar Espresso listing for a single EP (electronic paddle) tap, available in Chrome, Matt White or Matt Black.

      This product includes the single EP Counter Tap, and the espresso boiler unit that sits under your bar, which has the capacity to power a single EP Espresso Tap.

      What is the Modbar?

      The Modbar is the original and best modular espresso machine system. The concept is simple and beautiful. Present the group heads for espresso and steam wands as individual units that are customer facing, delivering a unique and aesthetically stunning espresso bar, and house the actual boiler under the counter, reducing the amount of equipment on show, resulting in an amazing minimalist design. The Modbar is like an espresso bar like no other.

      A concept originally started by a small business in the USA, is now part of the La Marzocco family. The link up of these two brands has seen Modbar further refine their products and stability for their operating system. The result is an amazing set of products that now benefits form the stability and support of the LM network.

      What Modbar say:

      The product of years of collaborative R&D between Modbar and La Marzocco, and based on R&D from the Linea PB and Linea Mini, Modbar Espresso AV comes with the same level of reliability, performance and temperature stability that made the Linea PB an industry icon. The key points are:

      • One under-counter module can support two espresso taps

      • No additional power required to support two taps

      • Ideal for high-volume environments

      • Precise temperature stability, the same as the Linea PB

      • Simple controls and multi-position programmable lever

      • Dose by volume, weight or continuously

      • Auto back-flush and rinse programs

      • Adaptable drip tray comes with or without a built-in scale

      AV Vs EP Systems:

      Modbar comes in two type of group heads. Firstly the AV, which is a traditional auto volumetric system that you need on machines such as the La Marzocco Linea Classic or PB. The second is the EP, which is an electronic paddle, which you see on machines such as the La Marzocco Strada EP. The EP version can still deliver all the features that the AV can such as automatic dosing etc, but also has the capacity to deliver pressure profiling too.

      The EP system is suited to locations that are very coffee focused, with the skills to get the best out of a pressure profiling system. If you would like a Modbar that is geared more for volume locations and / or ease of use, you should choose the AV version.

      What are the options on this product?

      Firstly, you can choose this product in three different finishes. Chrome, Matt Black or Matt White. Further, you can choose to have the drip tray (Not included / separate product) to have either ABR (Scales) built in or just the basic drip tray to manage waste water.

      What do I need to build a Modbar?

      This product listing is a single AV Espresso Tap and an under counter espresso boiler unit (This boiler can power a single EP Espresso Tap). As an example: If you wanted to build a traditional 2 group machine with a single steam wand, you would need to add the following:

      • 1 x Extra Espresso Tap EP

      • 1 x Espresso EP System

      • 1 x Steam System

      • 3 x Drip Trays

      Please note: The Modbar System does not come with any form of milk rinser. For this we strongly recommend the Celli pitcher range, which you can view HERE.

      To get a full breakdown of which Modbar is right for your space, get in touch on either 0131 656 9565 or info@machina-coffee.co.uk and we can talk you through the process to make sure you understand everything you need to know.

      Why buy from us?

      Official status: We are an actual approved ModBar / La Marzocco partner, with advanced knowledge of their machines. When you buy with us, we will provide you with honest and straightforward information on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive.

      Finance options: You can buy outright or purchase via lease to buy through our finance partner, allowing you to get the right machine for your business first time around without cutting corners.

      Trades documentation: We will provide installation check lists and diagrams for your trades people to follow, for work such as counter access and precision hole cuts, to ensure that the installation is completed without issue.

      Pre-install visit: We will visit you at your site in advance of carrying out the installation work, to check that you have all the relevant pre-requisites in place before the engineers are booked and the work commences.

      Approved engineers: As part of the official La Marzocco network, we work solely with the approved list of La Marzocco engineers that know this equipment properly. They can install and demo the equipment to a very high standard.

      Warranty: You get a FULL 1 years warranty of parts AND labour, which means that if anything goes wrong in the first year, you're covered without any issues. That means regardless of where you are located, we will have an approved engineer on hand to come to you when it suits you and resolve any issues you are having.

      You can download the product brochure for this machine HERE.

      ModBar equipment comes with a full 1 year parts & labour warranty with Machina. See our terms and conditions for further information

      For more information on price, terms, specification and features, please contact us

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    ModBar - the market leader in modular espresso systems.

    ModBar - the market leader in modular espresso systems.

    ModBar are the industry leader for premium modular espresso bars. There are other systems out there, but none touch the original Modbar for quality, precision or control.

    Now working in conjunction with La Marzocco, the product is both unique and very well supported.

    Espresso aesthetic at it's best.

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