Acaia - Orion Bean Doser - Matte White
Acaia - Orion Bean Doser - Matte White Acaia - Orion Bean Doser - Matte White
£1,044.00 (Includes VAT)

Winner of SCA's 2017 Best New Product Award, The Orion Bean Doser is a system that gives you precise control over your doses. Its intuitive dial interface allows you to save two different weights and operate in a fully automatic mode

With a small footprint and a minimal design, The Orion Bean Doser will blend in seamlessly with your equipment. The patent-pending auger was designed to smoothly control coffee beans without any damage.

Features include:

  • Fast, Weight-based on-demand dosing: The speed of the dose depends on the weight. It'll dose 225g in 12 seconds or 20g in 3 seconds with an error margin of 2-3 beans.
  • Manual control: For the times when you want to do it yourself, the Orion allows you to quickly pause or dose those last few beans.
  • Fully Automatic mode: Dose multiple containers with automatic taring and no required button pushing.
  • Intuitive Dial interface: A new dial interface with three preset modes for storing different target weights.
  • Intelligent dosing system: Based on previous target weights and actual outputs, the Orion will automatically adjust and decrease the margin of error.
  • Statistic Tracking system: The Orion tracks analytics, ie. total number of doses or total weight of the dosing session.
  • Firmware Supported: Like all Acaia products, the Orion will receive periodic updates to its firmware, which you can execute through the firmware app.

Please be advised: 

  • The Orion has its own unique USB charger( included), do not use with standard USB-C.
  • The Orion is also compatible with Mahlkonig EK43 hopper for large batch dosing. 
      • Specifications:

        • Weight: 3.24kg
        • Dimensions: W: 33.5cm / L: 20cm / H: 37cm
        • Capacity: 3kg (Max: 3000g / Min: 0.1g)
        • Colour: Matte White
        • Measuring units: g / oz
        • Increments: 0.1g
        • Display: LED
        • Power & Battery: Lithium-ion / USB rechargeable
        • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0