Profitec PRO 800 MK11 Lever Coffee Machine


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    Lever Extraction, Shot Timer & 360d Joysticks


    2 years back to base warranty

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    Profitec's top line Lever Espresso Machine

    Profitec's top line Lever Espresso Machine

    Profitec's premium model, with fully manual lever control.

    Designed to produce artisan quality coffee. It's a fusion of classic Italian design and German precision engineering constructed from steel and finished in chrome.

    The PRO800 MK11 comes with a classic lever style group head & 360 joystick controls for water and steam.

    Profitec machines are known as pro-sumer, delivering coffee for domestic use, that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.

    Single Gauge for the master boiler

    PID -providing precision control over brewing temperature

    Internal (Res) and mains water connections

    High grade copper piping and boiler for premium heat retention

    The Vibration pump is active from the reservoir, but auto off for mains connection.

    Dipper (one-circuit) system

    • Description


      Who are Profitec?

      Profitec are a division of ECM based in Hieldelberg, Germany, offering high grade German engineering at a very high standard.  We consider them to be the future go to brand for 2023. 

      What is the Profitec PRO 800 MK11?

      The PRO 800 MK11 is Profitec's top of the range single boiler 'Lever' espresso machine, offering the ultimate in traditional espresso making in a sleek and modern format.

      The Profitec Pro 800 boasts a 17lb brew group, a massive 3.5L steam boiler, and a vibration pump. It can be either direct plumbed or run on its internal 3L reservoir.

      Just like the rest of the Profitec range, the PRO800 MK11 is built to exceptionally high standards. It offers a traditional saturated lever group head, stainless steel body and 

      What Profitec say:

      The new version of our PRO 800 hand-lever machine has a stylish, elegant look. The PRO 800 makes the hearts of connoisseurs and hand-lever espresso machines enthusiasts beat faster.

      The new Pro 800 comes with lever valves for steam and hot water. The handles of the lever valves, as well as the handle of the hand lever and the portafilter, have been handcrafted from the noble wood of the American walnut tree.

      While the large, pine-green pressure gauge, another visual highlight, blends perfectly into the classic design, the PID is discreetly hidden behind the water collection tray.

      Get the best possible espresso due to the pre-infusion provided by the massive brew group and the special pressure process.

      Who is it suited to?

      The Profitec PRO 800 MK11 is the dream machine for any serious coffee obsessive / enthusiast. Clean lines, classic level control and an aesthetic that few machines can compete with.

      Paired with any quality espresso grinder, the PRO800 will deliver espresso shots that cut above the majority of others.

      Why buy from us?

      We are an official Profitec dealership, providing genuine warranties. We carry all parts for repair / service and do all our own technical support in-house - not outsourced.

      We offer a fair and informative service, where we will guide you on the right machine for you, not just the most expensive.

      All machines are re-tested before they leave us, so that we know 100% that they are in perfect working and aesthetic condition when they reach you. Factory testing is good quality, but these machines come delivered in trucks from Milan to the UK, where they go through considerable movement along the way.

      Profitec PRO 800 MK11 Warranty

      The Profitec PRO 800 MK11 comes with a 1 year back to base warranty (domestic use only) with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information. However you can pay for an additional 1 year cover as part of your purchase. 

      For more information on specification and features, please contact us

      Technical Info

       Brew Group: Heavy duty lever brew group (Weighing 7.8KG)

       Portafilter: Industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter.

       Steam Wand: Separate lever valve for steam dispensing.

       Hot Water Tap: Separate lever valve for hot water dispensing.

       Gauges: Pump and boiler pressure gauges.

       Boilers: Large 3.5L copper boiler.

       Pump: Vibration pump.

      - The vibration pump is only activated when using the water tank.

      - The vibration pump is not activated when using a fixed water connection.

       PID: PID providing precision control over both the brew temp.

       Water connections: 2.8l removable internal water reservoir with full drip tray drainage system.

       Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel.

       Cup tray: Large (Removable) cup tray with stainless surround.

       Drip Tray: Stainless steel (Removable) drip tray with a 1.25L capacity.

       Power: Standard UK 13amp plug (1600w / 230v).

       Weight: 35.5kg.

       Dimensions WDH: 339 x 505 x 492 mm without portafilter / 339 x 593 x 740 mm with portafilter and lever up.

       Accessories included: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets.


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    About Profitec

    About Profitec

    Based in Hieldelberg Germany, Profitec (Part of ECM) are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

    ECM / Profitec were part of the original company (ECM Italy) that ultimately became what is now known as Rocket Espresso Milano.

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