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Rocket Espresso Milano are one of the best pro-sumer espresso brands in the world, combining classic Italian design with the latest in style and technology.

We have been working with Rocket ever since we began Machina. A flat white fuelled meeting with their head honcho Andrew Mao at the original All Press Cafe in London (during the London Coffee Festival) led to an ongoing arrangement, which has proved to be an integral part of our business.

These machines are, by all accounts, mini tanks (beautiful mini tanks) that make amazing espresso in the home or office. They focused around the simple but highly effective process of thermal mass within the E61 group-head. Joined with a commercial 58mm portafilter, clean lined stainless steel bodies and extremely well thought out internal designs, they became the go to brand for E61 Pro-Sumer machines.

Rocket go to huge lengths to produce all machines by hand in their Milan factory and do so with a huge amount of care and passion. Having met Andrew several times at London Coffee Festival and HOST Milan, it's easy to see the passion he has for his product and that it's not just a production line to him.

A few sessions watching Gail & Co at Seattle Coffee Gear was the last thing that contributed towards us deciding to work with Rocket. If you aint watched their video's you should check them out, as they are both highly amusing and mega factual. (Hey) Gail, we salute you.

There are lots of other brands out there that use the E61 format these days, but we know that Rocket are the best at the game, so we see little point in offering a wide range of machines, when we know we already have such a strong brand. Further, with the focus on a single brand of this style, it allows us to maintain a high level of product knowledge, in-house technical support and ample parts to provide you with a service that gives you the confidence you need to make the investment.

A little history:

Ready to revolutionise the espresso world after resigning from one of Italy's major espresso machine manufacturers in the early 1980's, Ennio Berti believed he could create a domestic espresso machine made entirely of commercial machine components. Teaming with Fredrich Berenbruch, the duo created Espresso Company Milano (ECM).

ECM became the name famous with the Cellini (straights sides) and Giotto (Diamond sides) designs that have become household names in the world of home espresso enthusiasts.

In the late 1990's, ECM met New Zealanders Jeff Kennedy and Andrew Meo. Shortly thereafter, New Zealand was introduced to the E61 Rocket; a pioneering step in home espresso. In 2007, ECM decided to concentrate on commercial machines, and left Kennedy to focus on perfecting the household espresso machine. Rocket Espresso Milano was then formed. The current Rocket combines the history of Italian espresso engineering with passion provided by a couple of (cycle obsessed) Kiwis.


It started off with the original Cellini & Giotto designs across two levels of HX machines, followed by the longstanding R58 Dual Boiler. This evolved into what we now offer today, which are the following designs:

Appartamento: Rocket's compact home machine that is designed to deliver big in small spaces. It's a heat exchanger, with the same high quality production, components and E61 thermal stability as the rest of the range. Very slick aesthetics with circular cut outs on the body sides. Internal reservoir only. Available in stainless or black coated body with either copper or white panels.
Cronometro V: This is the first of two models in this stage of the range. It's the first where you can get either Cellini (Now called Mozzafiato) or Giotto body choice (The Appartamento does not offer this choice). It's a heat exchanger, and with this 'V' version, comes with a vibration pump and internal reservoir only.

Cronometro R: This is the second of two models in this stage of the range. Again, you can get either Cellini or Giotto body choice. It's a heat exchanger, and with this 'R' version, comes with a rotary pump and internal reservoir and mains water connection options.

R58: The next in the range is where the Rocket range really ramps up in every department. It offers dual boiler technology providing precision temperature across both brew and steam / water boilers. It has a commercial grade rotary pump, offers both internal reservoir and mains water connection options and a detachable PID controller, where you can control and adjust numerous variables in the coffee making process.
R60v: This machine was only released back in 2019, with Rocket clearly looking to expand on their high end / precision range. Not satisfied with sticking with what they have, they looking to further develop their offering of dual boilers by developing a machine focused on the latest trend in coffee - pressure profiling. It comes with all the bells and whistles that you get with an R58, but then allows you to take a much higher level of control over the extraction process. Being able to control the pressure of the extraction at various different points has proven to give those with the knowledge, the ability to manipulate flavour profiles across body, sweetness, acidity and more. This have achieved this, in style.

R9 ONE: Just when you thought Rocket had reached a point where they could relax, they go and produce one of the best espresso machines on the planet that surpasses everything they have achieved to date. Some argue that the one key thing separating high end domestic machines and commercial units is the ability to offer fully saturated groups, which ramps up the quality factor with shot stability. With that challenge in mind, Rocket produced the R9 ONE that brings together the functionality and features of the R60v and the professional grade saturated group with a top sitting paddle control for activating shots. Next level espresso making just got even better.

Rocket also offer a range of premium commercial machines, of which we offer a curated range. This consists of the Boxer - a compact heat exchanger, designed to look slick in small spaces. It is housed in Rocket's signature chrome body style, and comes with individual shot counters on each group.

We also offer the R9, which is a high end multi-boiler machine with fully saturated groups, PID control, shot counters and pull down lever steam arms, all housed in a beautiful statement chrome body.

We hold stock at our warehouse and have the capacity to demo machines for you during pre-arranged visits.

If you would like to know more about Rocket, give us a call on 0131 656 9565 or email us on