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    The industry icon, with a mini foot print...

    The industry icon, with a mini foot print...

    Inspired by the Linea Classic - La Marzocco's best selling commercial machine in their history, the Linea Mini delivers what many to consider the best prosumer espresso machine in the industry.

    Boasting dual boilers and an integrated brew group providing amazing temperature stability and energy efficiency, with a mini footprint.

    The new R model now offers a front facing shot timer, remodelled body style and an updated dual pre infusion system.

    This combined with an APP you can control from your iPhone or iPad to control all the variables of coffee making, gives you the near perfect setup.

    Integrated Brew Group: a combined boiler and brew group achieve thermal stability in a reduced footprint.

    Indicator Lights: lights provide user feedback on heating and water level.

    Cool to touch steam wands

    Commercial grade 58mm portafilter

    Large 2.5L interval reservoir OR optional plumbing kit. *See dropdown for add on.

    Android & iOS APP controlled

    • Description

      What is the Linea Mini R?

      The LInea Mini R is the latest version of the iconic Linea Mini, the small footprint version of La Marzocco's amazing LInea Classic; the machine that has become synonymous with speciality coffee and used in many of the best coffee spots around thew world.

      The Mini itself is a single group version of this original machine, designed for home, office or small volume locations. Classic Italian design, fused with the latest coffee technology. It provides you with the tools to make cafe quality coffee.

      Dual boilers for brewing and steam, a PID for temperature accuracy, a shot timer to monitor your shots, pre infusion to optimise your coffee flavour and the ability to control virtually everything via an Android or iOS APP.

      What La Marzocco say:

      Handcrafted in Florence, the latest iteration of the Linea Mini incorporates updated aesthetics- including the Della Pietra Curve, soft touch accessories- and advanced workflow features like Brew-by-Weight, a new pre-infusion system, and easy pump pressure adjustment- blending tradition with innovation. Created to be a tool for those who dream of crafting the perfect espresso and a companion for adventures at home and beyond.

      Essential features:

      • dual boilers and pid temperature control: Dual boilers and PID control for perfect espresso shots.
      • easy pressure adjustment: Easily adjustable pump pressure for tailored espresso extraction.
      • built-in shot timer: Integrated shot timer for precise espresso monitoring.
      • rinse mode for efficient cleaning: Rinse mode for easy and efficient cleaning.
      • auto back flush and standby mode: Automatic back flushing and customisable standby for maintenance.
      • barista lights: Dedicated barista lights for precision and aesthetics.

      Additional features:

      • group cap adopted from commercial espresso machines: Commercial-grade group cap for professional performance.
      • semi-automatic paddle: Manual paddle interface with electronic pre-infusion, inspired by 1970s La Marzocco machines.
      • cool touch steam wand: Cool-touch steam wand with PEEK polymer tip for safety.
      • la marzocco home app integration: Connect with the La Marzocco Home App for advanced features.
      • pre-infusion system: Two valve pre-infusion system for soft saturation and self-cleaning.
      • hybrid mode for plumbed machines: Flexible brewing with traditional and new pre-infusion phases.
      • extended timeout period: Extended timeout for customised pre-infusion up to 99 seconds.

      New version features:

      aesthetics & workflow: Updated aesthetics, tactile soft-touch components, plus advanced workflow features like a built-in timer, Brew-by-Weight, a new pre-infusion system, and easy pump pressure adjustment.

      brew-by-weight scale compatibility: The Linea Mini is compatible with La Marzocco branded brew-by-weight scales, enhancing your precision in coffee brewing. *Purchased separately.

      pre-infusion system: An all-new two valve pre-infusion system offers soft saturation and a self-cleaning flow restrictor.

    • Why buy from us?

      We are an official La Marzocco distributor, which means you get solid guidance on the right model for you, not just the most expensive.  Further, after you purchase you have the reassurance of proper support and service. Our technical staff know La Marzocco machines exceptionally well, giving you the confidence you need with a purchase such as this.

      Shipping is provided via pallet, secure, safe and reliable.  This avoids traditional courier handling and vastly reduces any likelihood of damage.

    • Warranty info

      La Marzocco equipment comes with a full 1 years parts & labour warranty with Machina. Please see our terms and conditions page for further information.

      For more information on price, terms, specification and features, please contact us

    • Technical Info

      Coffee Boiler Capacity: 0.17Lg

      Steam / Water boiler Capacity: 3L

      .  Water Reservoir: 2.5L

      Weight: (kg/lbs)29,93 / 66

      Voltage: 220v (Single Phase)

      • Element Wattage (W)1620 (220V)

      Dimensions HWD: Height (cm/in)38,1 / 15, Width (cm/in)35,56 / 14, Depth (cm/in)45,72 / 18

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    La Marzocco - Hand made in Florence

    La Marzocco - Hand made in Florence

    Widely regarded as one of the most respected and innovative brands in the coffee industry, we are proud to have been an official La Marzocco reseller for many years now.

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