Iyenga, Tanzania

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    Rhubarb, Blackcurrant, Silky

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    The Profile

    The Profile

    We are thrilled to introduce Iyenga, our first coffee from Tanzania, and we couldn't be more delighted with the result.

    This exceptional brew offers a delightful fusion of flavours. Up front there a vibrant blend of sweet summer berries complemented by a tangy acidity and hints of rhubarb.

    With a silky mouthfeel and rich viscose body, this coffee evokes the refreshing taste of a robust summer fruit juice, perfectly capturing the essence of the season.

    It's best served black, and would make an exceptional cold brew or iced pour over.

    Producer: 191 Smallholders

    Region: Mbozi District, Songwe

    Varietal: N39, Bourbon, Kent

    Elevation: 1600 - 1670 MASL

    Recommended Brewing: Orea, Kalita, Chemex, Aeropress and Drip.

    Weight: 250g / 1kg

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    The Producers

    The Producers

    Brought to us by Volcafe, Iyenga is a coffee farmer cooperative society based in the Songwe region in the south of Tanzania.

    Established in 2003, the cooperative includes 191 coffee farmers. As is traditional in this region, most of the producers intercrop their coffee trees with bananas, beans and ground nuts. As in all cooperatives, farmers bring their red cherries to the washing station, where they are processed.

    In the last decade, the cooperative has invested a lot in its machinery, including a new eco-depulper which they could finance through governmental funds, and the construction of a new wet mill. Volcafes sister company in Tanzania, Taylor Winch Tanzania, has seen the potential of the coop: they have been supporting them in the construction of their new mill, providing technical and construction advice as well as training the teams in processing techniques and quality control.

    • Wholesale

      We are always looking to work with likeminded businesses to serve our coffee.

      If you're interested in serving this locally roasted Edinburgh coffee as your main offering, a guest appearance or as bags of retail, get in touch with us on roastery@machina-coffee.co.uk or call (0131) 656 9565.

    • Roasting Schedule

      Your coffee will be roasted within 1-16 days of purchase, with a shelf life of 6 weeks (optimum serving point at 12-36 days old). We recommend letting this coffee rest for at least 12 days before using, in order to release excess gas which can impact the flavour of your cup.

      If you would like your coffee fresh, please leave a note with your order and we will do our best to accommodate.

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