The Map Series

The most unique and interesting coffees we can find, packaged in beautiful laser-cut boxes, roasted by us in Edinburgh.

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Introducing Map #5

Introducing Map #5


From the Bolaven Plateau of Laos comes the fifth instalment of our Map Series, a Natural Carbonic Macerated Gesha. Chosen for its complex flavour and unusual origin, Phetlamka offers the distinct cup we’ve come to expect from coffees of this variety.

Sugary yet incredibly clean, this coffee marries the richness of apple juice with aromatic, sweet notes of lychee and watermelon, bursting with flavour that lingers beyond the final sip.

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About the Map Series

January 2021 saw the arrival of a new premium coffee range: The Map Series.

Our ambition with this series is to source and offer the most unique premium coffees we can find based on a journey across the globe and present them in a new eye-catching packaging solution that is reflective of the coffee inside.

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Sourcing and Sustainability

Sourcing and Sustainability

We source, sample and roast the very best coffee we can find from around the globe, based on the 3 core values - transparency, quality and a focus on supporting smaller farmers who require support through collectives and co-ops to export their product to market.


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