The Map Series

The most unique and interesting coffees we can find, packaged in beautiful laser-cut boxes, roasted by us in Edinburgh.

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Map #8: Jairo Arcila

Map #8: Jairo Arcila

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Jairo Arcila (Passionfruit Fermentation) is refreshing, clean and a fantastic addition to the Map Series. Its tropical fruit sweetness and rounded milky smoothness remind us of sorbet, garnished with a gentle rosy high-note. Delicate yet vibrant, complex yet incredibly drinkable, it’s a coffee of multitudes that will satisfy coffee adventurers of every calibre.

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted we sourced our last Map Series lot from the same producer: This time instead of the strawberries of Map #7, you’re tasting the passionfruit in its fermentation tank.

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The Map Series

The Map Series

The Map Series is the jewel in our crown: a range of unique single origin coffees each with a story to tell. 

We source each coffee carefully and considerately, choosing lots that showcase exciting flavour profiles, innovative producers, experimental processing techniques, and unsung origins of the speciality coffee industry. 

By releasing each coffee one at a time, roasted in extra small batches and subject to rigorous ongoing quality control, we maximise the outstanding flavour potential of each coffee to truly take you on a magnificent journey.

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