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Machina is a full service coffee roastery. That means we bring everything you need for equipment, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and services under one offering, making it easy for you to source everything from a single supplier. This includes:

Wholesale Coffee:

We can provide you with a range of coffees including espresso blends, single origin espresso's and single estate filters at wholesale pricing. All coffee is ethically sourced, scores a minimum of 84 points on the SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) scoring system and is traceable to a farm level at origin.

We supply postcards with each coffee we provide, showing detailed information about the coffee in terms of origin, location, processing techniques and profile / flavour descriptions.

Want a bespoke blend? We love creating bespoke espresso blends for customers. As part of this process we would invite you into our roastery where you get directly involved in the coffee selection process, contributing to the creation of your own coffee.

Need your coffee to be organic? We can source certified organic coffee if you are looking for a certain origin or blend that we do not currently offer that needs to be 100% organic. Just let us know your requirements and we can provide you with options and samples.

Want to have your own branding? We can offer re-branded coffee under your own label (aka White Label Coffee). We understand that sometimes you want to showcase your brand across your coffee too, and we can not only provide that, but help with the creation of labels and presentation.

Tea & Hot Chocolate:

We recognise that having to source the three main hot drink components of coffee, tea and hot chocolate is a time consuming and problematic. Having run cafes ourselves, we know how much time it takes and how ineffective it can be cost wise too. So we have partnered with two amazing brands that we think fit perfectly with our coffee.

The first is STORM Tea, a small business from Newcastle that sources and supplies an amazing range of loose leaf teas. They have a similar sourcing model to us, with all teas being purchased through the same model of traceability and fair trade. In fact, STORM have a connection to one of our main coffee suppliers, with much of their produce actually coming form the same sourcing missions to that of our coffee. They offer wholesale KG bags of loose leaf tea, pyramid bags for takeaway operations and beautiful retail tins to resell.

Making up the remainder of the range is the the renowned Kokoa Collection. The award winning UK based speciality chocolate brand. They source some of the best single origin, fair trade and organic chocolate, designed to fit in with quality focused operators, looking to sell exceptional quality hot chocolate. They offer a range of chocolate from smooth Peruvian milk, through to rich dark Madagascan chocolate, varied for all tastes. Their product comes in three forms; chocolate powder, chocolate flakes and raw chocolate tablets. Again, you can purchase their chocolate in wholesale KG bags, but also in 200g retail bags to add to your retail offering.


If you are local to Edinburgh, we can supply coffee in either re-usable customised containers, reducing waste to landfill and improving both our and your green credentials. We deliver in person and do so free of charge for orders over 10KG. Outwith the city, we supply coffee in 1KG bags fitted with a one way valve to maintain freshness, shipping with either DPD or Parcelforce based on your location.

Commercial Equipment:

We offer a curated range of commercial grade equipment across a number of brands that we know, offer the best value at each respective price point. This includes brands like La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, Rocket Espresso Milano, Eureka, Mahlkonig, Ditting, Fetco, Inker and many more.

We have a demo area where you can view and test various pieces (but not all) of the equipment, such as La Marzocco & Rocket Espresso Machines, Eureka & Victoria Arduino grinders, Acaia scales and Fellow kettles.


We offer 'Lease to Buy' as a finance option for business customers, so that you can access the right equipment for your business first time around without the restriction of access to funds.

Lease to Buy means that you actually own the equipment without having to meet the full upfront costs of it in advance. You have the security of having fixed monthly payments, which help you forecast accurately for cash flow. Finally, all payments are deductible from corporation taxes and the associated VAT can be offset against quarterly VAT returns. Keeping core liquidity within your company is key in the early stages, so Lease to Buy is a very sensible option to take if structured and managed correctly.

We work closely with a finance partner called Kennet Equipment Leasing, who can provide you with access to the finance you need to pay for your equipment. This can include everything on your invoice from espresso machines, grinders and boilers, through to accessories, cups and service.

The process is quick and simple. We supply you with a standard quote and a set of indicative lease to buy figures. Once you agree to the quote we have provided, we pass your details on to Kennet, who then contact you and walk you through the rest of the process. 

Technical Support:

Getting support on your products is crucial, and part and parcel of what we offer. We don't sell a huge range of brands for a reason, because it is near on impossible to support so many brand to the high standards customers require. We have expert knowledge of the products we sell across the likes of La Marzocco, Rocket, Eureka and various others.

We hold parts for the most commonly known issues, which allows us to offer fast first time fixes to most known issues. We also have staff in-house who are capable of resolving many things either on site or back at our warehouse without having to return items to the supplier.

If it's commercial equipment that you have at your site, we are also well equipped for that too. If you are based in central Scotland, we tend to cover all support ourselves. If you are further afield, we work closely with the LM Connect network, courtesy of La Marzocco, who have a strong group of certified engineers across the country who are approved to work on all the key brands that we offer.

Support can be provided either ad hoc, allowing you to pay as you go, or under service contracts, where you pay a set fee per year, covering you for the duration of a contract or year, where you have the security of a set SLA (service level agreement), knowing you can call on us whenever you have issues.


Training is a huge part of what we offer. Great coffee is only achievable when it's supported by professional and consistent training, which we will provide you with throughout the duration of your contract. That means we won't just disappear once we have sold you equipment. We will be there for you every step of the way, making sure you feel well supported throughout.

We can deliver training on a number of things, such as basic machine and grinder maintenance, keeping your equipment in good order and pre-longing it's life cycle. Espresso and milk training, keeping your standard of coffee to a high level. Also filter coffee preparation, showing you how to serve high quality filter coffee, whether that be via pour over methods or batch brewing.

Training can be delivered either at your location on your equipment, which is always preferable as you will be able to put your new knowledge into practice on the equipment you use every day. Alternatively, you can use our training room located at our roastery, where we offer tailored training sessions for wholesale customers.

We now also offer all our wholesale customers access to a private login page on our website, where you can book your staff onto an 'open session' which allows you to send in staff to up-skill each Friday morning. Great for topping up skills and dealing with new members of staff without the need to close early or organise a large group of staff for training.


We now offer a range of professional consultancy services, supporting your decision making process with both existing and new projects. Whether you have found that your existing structure for a bar or coffee service does not work as well as you initially thought it might, or if you are starting a new project and simply want to get it right first time around - we can help you achieve that.

Areas such as choosing the correct equipment for your business, designing bar layouts and optimising workflow are all areas of expertise, which we can support you with, saving you time, money and head space in the short and long term of your business.

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