Sourcing & Ethics

We source, sample, roast and distribute the very best coffee we can find from around the globe, based on the seasonal coffee calendar. This means we buy our coffee from the origins in season, when the crops are at their peak in terms of quality. 

Our approach to sourcing coffee is not to stick to conventional wisdom about origin and taste. We always aim to look a little deeper to uncover farms, growers and origins who might not yet have the prestige but are deserving of the limelight or similarly are pioneering new and exciting tastes.

Furthermore, all our coffee is completely traceable at every stage of the process and represents the very highest standard of what represents fair trade in our industry . We always pay above market rates for our coffee, to ensure that local growers earn what represents a fair local rate within their community and whenever possible we try and work with people who are able to generate positive cultural and economic impacts. 

A recent example of this can be seen in the Colombian Coffee we offer called La Union. This coffee is produced by a group of smallholders living in and around the small municipality of La Unión in Nariño and comprises coffees from 12 member farms. Individually they are not well equipped to sell coffee alone, due to lack of finance, equipment and network. However, collectively they have formed an alliance that benefits them all, allowing them to sell and export their coffee and generate the income they need to progress as a community.



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