Cafe Kulture / TORR Toys - UK Exclusive

2016 sees us beginning to focus more on exclusive products.  There are so many coffee products out there; but with many so distributors selling the same brands and ranges, it's important for us to source exclusives and offer something different.

This week see's the first of a string of exclusive deal announcements, with the addition of TORR Toys from Cafe Kulture in Hamburg - Germany.

Cafe Kulture are a bespoke manufacturer of high grade coffee equipment including tampers, glass hoppers, teflon coated portafilters and numerous other speciality coffee items. Their tamper range - known as TORR, are amazingly well crafted, and beautifully tactile, heavy weight pro tampers.

The finish on TORR tampers is nothing short of amazing.  The attention to detail and overall finish is exceptional. All wooden handles are polished by hand in several steps - no varnish or paint is used.

Most of their range can be adjusted in height, through use of their metal washers, fitted between the handle and base. They come in 3, 5 & 8mm, in either inox or brass, giving you the option to extend or shorten your tamper height to perfectly fit your hand and tamping style.

Their range is large, so we have selected a smaller selection that we think you will appreciate most, given the type of equipment that many UK home and professional baristas use. This includes flat, convex and trapez convex bases, plus a mix of steel and wooden handles in Zebra, Walnut, African Black, Olive, Plum & Ebony.

Their premium models are known as Goldfinger and Goldfinger TITAN (black bases). Both are ultra heavy in weight, are extendable with variable washers and possess a wonderful balanced feel during the tamping process.


Whether you use standard 58mm, Strada / VST precision or IMS competition baskets, Cafe Kulture produce a tamper that will fit your set up.

We have just received our first shipment of TORR stock this week (Feb 2016), but will be taking pre-orders for any style, shape or size if we don't happen to have your exact specifications right now. If you have any questions about our TORR range, feel free to contact us on

Look out for more great products from Cafe Kulture coming to Machina in 2016.