Why Your Cafe Should Install a Milk Rinser

With the evolution of coffee-tech occurring at an exponential rate, there is a never-ending list of must-have gadgets on offer to cafes. While some may seem over the top, and make you question whether there is even any point of the gadget, others can revolutionise cafe operations, making it quicker and easier to craft a better cup of coffee. One gadget that we could not live without at Machina is the milk rinser.

A simple, yet elegant solution to cleaning (and cooling) milk jugs, as well as a no-fuss method of disposing of any excess milk, the concept is simple. By pressing a milk pitcher down on the nozzle star, the rinser sprays clean, cold water into the jug, cleaning and cooling it off, ready for the next batch of milk to be steamed.

This genius invention is no mere luxury item. Along with your essential gear such as a decent tamper and tamp mat, quality scales, and milk pitchers themselves, the milk rinser should be on your cafe’s shopping list for a number of reasons.

  1. Cleaning of milk jugs is quicker and easier.

You no longer need to go back and forth to a sink to dispose of the milk and clean the pitcher or rely on a rudimentary milk wastage bucket. Simply toss the milk down the rinser and clean it off in one quick motion.

  1. It’s more hygienic.

Tossing milk down a sink can lead to blockages (and smells), and using a waste bucket allows the milk to sit and fester over the course of a day.

  1. It makes your operational workflow more efficient.

Clean milk pitchers, a place to store your milk pitchers together, cooling of the pitchers prior to steaming a batch of milk. This will give you more time to focus on the important things - like coffee.

So, what should you look for in a milk rinser?

There are lots of different brands out there with varying price points.  You don’t need to break the bank with a top of the line model. A simple cost effective rinser will do the same job, and save you some cash! We stock a range of inexpensive models that we use in our own cafes.

You can check out our range of milk rinsers here.

If you have any questions about milk rinsers, we’d be happy to chat to you.

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